Chocolate Cassis by Dulcet Patisserie for Valentine's Day

by - February 21, 2015

Happy Valentine everyone!! What are you doing at Valentine's Day?? I think it might be something romantic with your couple. Since i was married, no more dinner for me and my hubby at Valentine's Day  :( We have to go with my daughter, or not going at all. And i think it will be weird if we have a dinner with my daughter, at Valentine's Day.

Then i found something interesting for this Valentine's Day. It's a heart-shaped cake by Dulcet Patisserie. They have 2 flavors for this special month, Chocolate Cassis and Incroyable d'amour. I chose Chocolate Cassis because they said it's more delicious than Incroyable d'amour.

Chocolate Cassis consists of special French chocolate cake, blackcurrant tea infused whipped White chocolate ganache, and more chocolate shaved on top. Hmmmm....... Looks good????

If you're looking at the picture, you might be think the texture is too dry. But it's not!! I also think like that at the first time I cut the cake. When i ate the first bite, i didn't feel it's too dry, but it also not too soft. The texture is just right. I don't know what's inside the cake, but there's something crunchy (like peanut) and it makes the cake become perfect.

The taste is also good. The chocolate cake taste not too sweet, and the cream too. When i eat that, i always take the cake, cream, and chocolate shaved at 1 spoon. And i feel it's very delicious.

Dulcet Patisserie is an online cake shop based in Jakarta. They sell a wide variety of typical French pastries like choux, éclair, mille feuille, etc. 

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