[Europe] Luxembourg Gardens in Summer

by - February 14, 2016

Summer always identic with something colorful. When you go to the garden, you will see the flowers bloom, with the beautiful colors. That's what i see in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

It was the last day for us in Paris. We started that day by going to Luxembourg Gardens, the beautiful garden in Paris. We went at 9 am in the morning, and we just realized the weather was really different than the other days before. It's hot and the humidity level was really high. So this is how summer in Paris feels like.

Even though the weather was scorching, i still enjoy the atmosphere here. Not just me, i also spotted some artists (the Parisian maybe), sitting on the chair, and painted the garden with the Luxembourg Palace as the background. 

If you have kids,  you can go to the playground which available there. However i didn't have much time. I had to go to another place. So we just walked around at the garden. But my daughter also happy with that.

You can visit Luxembourg Gardens in every season. However, you can get this beautiful scene only in summer. The lawns, the tree-lined promenades, and the colorful flowerbeds, everything looks amazing. We were chillin' for about an hour, and enjoyed the quite atmosphere at this garden, before we continued our trip. This is a very good place for hanging out with your family. 

Luxembourg Gardens can be reached by taking RER train, and stop at "Luxembourg" station. They open between 07.30 AM and 08.15 AM.They close between 04.30 PM and 09.30 PM, according to season. There's no entrance fees to go to this garden. 

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