Eggs&Co, Rue Bernard Palissy - Paris

by - March 18, 2016

What's your favorite food for brunch? Omelette? Eggs benedict on toast? With smoked salmon or ham as the topping maybe? Sounds delicious..... Looking for these kind of brunch in Paris? Well, Eggs&Co is a right place to go. Located near Boulevard Saint-Germain, the famous area for local peoples, Eggs&Co offers the brunch food with "eggs" as the main ingredients.

Just a short story. I knew about this place from Instagram . I always use this application for looking something new, especially about food. Before i go to some place, i always search anything about that place on Instagram. The more i searched about that place, more pictures i found there. One of them is Eggs&Co. I saw all peoples there ate the poached eggs, omelette, and i talked to my self, "This is a must place to go!"

Menu on the wall

The place is really small but cozy. They have 2 floors, the first floor for the kitchen and the second floor for dine in. We waited for about 20 minutes because they still cleaned up the table. After that, we just go upstairs. They gave us the menu, tap water, and baguette. We ordered the omelette and the poached eggs with variant topping.

After the food served, we took pictures of them (must thing to do), and we started to enjoy the food. Nobody's talking at that time. Until the foods finished, both of us only say one word "Tasty!" I don't know is it because we hungry, or it's because egg is our favorite food, but we really really like all the foods they served. The omelette is really soft. The eggs benedict cooked perfectly. When i cut it, the egg yolks melted out beautifully.

Beside the "eggs" menu, they also known for they coffee. When i stepped inside, i could smell the coffee and it's really good. To be honest, i don't really like coffee. But the smells of the coffee makes me feel curious, so we ordered a cup of cappuccino.

Having brunch here, doesn't spent a lot of money. It costs under €20 for each menu. Not really cheap, but it's a standard price for having a nice brunch in Paris. Anyway reservation are not necesarry to eat here.

Address : 11 Rue Bernard Palissy, 75006 Paris, France
Phone : +33 (1) 45 44 02 52
Webiste :
Opening hours : Monday - Sunday : 10AM - 6 PM

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