[Europe] Au Revoire Paris, Hola Barcelona!!

by - October 30, 2016

1 week in Paris was a wonderful trip for us. We love the weather, foods, the building, and especially the shopping time in Paris. However, we needed to go to another city which is more exotic with its historical building, especially on summer. It's Barcelona!!!!

From Paris, you can take either flight or train to Barcelona. However, train to Barcelona will take around 24 hours with a lot of transfer (around 6 transfers). It's really wasting time and only make us feel tired on our trip. So we decided to take a flight from Paris which is only take 2 hours. This time, we used EasyJet for our flight. It only costs around €60 pp, which is affordable for this flight. Actually there's a cheaper flight from Paris to Barcelona, it's RyanAir. However, RyanAir not depart from Charles de Gaulle airport. They depart from Paris-Orly airport which is further, and I thought it's not a good choice.

Just arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport by RER B

To go to the Charles de Gaulle airport, we took RER B from Gare du Nord station. Only within 30 minutes, we arrived at the Paris International Airport. While we're waiting for the check in time, we walked around and we found Laduree, the famous macarons in Paris. It's located at Terminal 2F (before check in gate).

Actually we wanted to try their cakes. They look so tempting. However we didn't have enough time so we just bought a box of macarons. I like Laduree's macarons so much, especially the "Rose Petal" flavor. First time i ate this macarons at Hong Kong. Until now, Laduree still become my favorite.

Pretty keychain by Laduree

After passed the check in gate, still there's a cafe such as EXKI, and tax-free shop. You can get more information about restaurant and shopping place at Charles de Gaulle airport in here .

Take pictures while we're waiting for the flight
Finally, it's the time for us to fly. Au Revoir Paris, gonna miss you.....

Bye Paris

After 2 hours flight, finally we arrived at Barcelona. Hola!! Barcelona's airport is not as big as Paris. To go to the city, we took the Aerobus from the airport. Aerobus is Barcelona Airport Express Bus. It costs $5,9 for single trip, and $10,2 for return trip. The return ticket is only valid for 15 days. So if you stay in Barcelona more than 15 days, you can't use the return ticket. You can find out more about Aerobus in here .

Barcelona from above

Inside the aerobus. They have USB charger as well.

It only took around 30 minutes to reach the last stops, Placa Catalunya. Placa Catalunya is the city centre of Barcelona. I recommend you to stay in this area, because you can get anything in here. Food, shopping place, you can reach everything only by walk. What a strategic place!! During my vacation in Barcelona, i stayed at Hotel Ginebra . This hotel located at Placa Catalunya, and the rates is also quite affordable. It's around €100 / night for double room.

Well, i spent this day only for moving from Paris to Barcelona. My journey in Barcelona gonna start tomorrow......

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