Tickets Bar - 1 Michelin Star Tapas Restaurant , Barcelona

by - February 25, 2017

As i was saying at the previous post , my curiousity about Tapas made me looking for the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona. And i found out about Tickets Bar, a tapas restaurant which hold 1 michelin star.

What makes Tickets Bar so special?
1. Tickets Bar get awards at World's 50 Best Restaurant, at the 29th position. They also hold 1 Michelin Star.
2. Unlike another tapas restaurant, they serve a gastronomic tapas food.
3. Tickets Bar is the new concept restaurant, made by the Adria brothers, Ferran Adria and Albert Adria, which known as the best chef in the world. They've worked at the famous restaurant, El Bulli for 23 years. After El Bulli closed at 2011, they decided to open their own restaurant. With their skill of cooking, their foods must insanely delicious.

We came here for a dinner and expecting something tasty to be eaten. We've searched and looked at their menu (from their website), about what we want to ordered. Unfortunately they just changed their menu so i couldn't order every food that I was looking for. Instead, they offer me a "Surprise Menu" which is €100 per person for 16 extra ordinary foods. That's price is quite affordable for Michelin starred restaurant. But we're not order it because it's the first time for us with molecular gastronomy food. We're afraid that we wouldn't like the taste. So, we ordered the ala carte menu which they recommend for us.

We started with the famous "Ticket's Olive" , followed by the "Mini Airbag". First bite tasted little bit weird for me (as the first timer in molecular gastronomy food). But the next bite taste so delicious and makes me want it more and more.

Fresh Oysters

Spaghetti Mushroom

Last but not least, they offered me a beef steak for sharing. They served it very well, cut the meat in front of us and explained how to eat. They showed us the perfect texture of the meat, which cooked medium rare, as our request.  It came in package like at the photos below. We ate the meat with the red pepper and it's so tasty. I like the texture of the meat, and the red pepper also taste so yummm.. Honestly, it's the best steak i ever ate.

Dessert is a must

They also sell the caviar which they use on the Mini Airbag. You can see that on their display window.

with our favorite chef - Albert Adria

Overall, their food taste so delicious and the price is also quite affordable for Michelin Starred restaurant. If you want to try their foods, you need to make a reservation two months ahead on their website . You also need to do it at 12am their local time. If you passed it, you'll not get any space. Yeah, it's really hard to have a dinner in here. But it's worth it.

Tickets Bar
Address : Avinguda del Paral·lel, 164 - 08015 Barcelona
Phone : +34 606 22 55 45
Website :

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