[Europe] Cheap "Fashion & Beauty" Shopping Guide in Europe

by - August 26, 2017

Europe, known as a place with a high living cost. Start from the food, transportation, accomodation, and shopping. We're not talking about the high-end brand such as Prada or Louis Vuitton. We're talking about some local boutiques such as at Saint German area in Paris. They're selling local brand clothing with high price. For example, they are selling 1 simple dress for €200. Of course they use a good quality fabric for their clothes. But still, not everyone can afford it.

However, not every store in Europe selling stuffs with high price. During my Europe Trip, i found some stores which selling a good fashion and beauty stuff with the cheap price. At this post, i will write about that stores.

Lefties is one of the main affordable fashion companies. The Lefties brand is designed for all ages of customers. They have 3 sections, men, women, and children (baby, boy, and girl). If you're a young women / men, you gonna love their style. With a good fabric, they're selling 1 T-shirt only for €2. How cheap is that!!! Not every country in Europe have Lefties. But you can find it in Spain, Portugal, Russia, and Mexico.

Who doesn't know Zara???? They have more than 2000 stores in over 88 countries in the world. So, why do i mention Zara at this article?? Actually, at other countries, Zara doesn't have a very cheap price. But if you go to Spain, you will see they're selling all their stuffs with very low price. €3 for a t-shirt, and €4 for a bottle of perfume. It's a very good deal. How can the price is very different between in Spain with another country? Because Zara is a Spanish fashion brand. So, when in Spain, don't forget to go to Zara, and shop a lot!

Massimo Dutti
Massimo Dutti is another fashion brand that founded in Spain, precisely in Barcelona. Don't ask about the fabric. Everybody knows Massimo Dutti has a very good quality fabric, and that's the reason why the price is not as cheap as Lefties or Zara in Spain. But if you compare it with prices in other countries, it's much cheaper. Just talk about men's trousers. Usually, the price gonna be €100. But in Barcelona, you can buy it with half price.

Not just a clothing store, but you can also shop for a bag with cheap price in Europe. Just looking for. a store called Carpisa. Not just a bag for woman that you can buy from this Italian brand. Because they also sell wallet, men's bag, and luggage. It's not hard to find this store in Europe. You can find Carpisa almost in every city in Europe such as Barcelona, Milan, and Rome.

Another clothing brand that you can find in every city, but don't forget to shop here while in Barcelona. Mango has a lot of stores in Barcelona and they all offers with affordable prices. If you want to get the "cheaper" stuff, you can visit Mango Outlet in Barcelona. In here, you can get any clothes, accecories and any other fashion stuff from Mango, with 70% - 90% discount and i think it's a very good deal (if you compare it with its normal price). This outlet is located at Career de Girona, about 15 minutes walk from Plaza Catalunya.

Well, this Italian clothing brand might be not as famous as any other clothing brand. But you can find this store in some of European city such as Rome, Milan. This cheap urban clothing brand, not just sells women's stuff but also for men. They have a good style, fabric, and of course with affordable price. €4 for men's shirt and €4 for women's blouse, definitely its a good place for shopping.

OVS is a store with full of cheap clothes that you can find in Milan. But in here, you're not only shopping for clothes or accecories. They also have a beauty corner for make up with affordable price such as Shaka, Essence, etc. Essence become a famous make up brand that you can find in Europe. Not just because their low prices, but they also have a good quality and a lot of variants. €1 for a nail polish, you'll don't want to missed it.

Kiko Milano
If you see the name, you'll know that Kiko is a make up brand from Milan. But it doesn't mean you only can found it in Milan. Kiko has a lot of stores in Europe and it's not hard to find. You can find Kiko store in most every train station in Italy such as Rome, Venice, and Italy. Kiko's price is not as low as Essence. But their quality is better than Essence.

Well those are some stores that i found in Europe which selling a good fashion and beauty stuff with low price. If you have another recommendation for cheap places for shopping in Europe, just comment below.

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