Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ Sparkling Party

by - December 05, 2017

I’ve told you that currently i got addicted with Laneige products. Not just the skin care, but the make up as well. Especially with the BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++, which really good for pore coverage. At this post, i’ ll post some pictures from the “Sparkling Party” edition. It might has been discontinued right now, but i can’t hold myself to not posting about this amazing product.

 Well, this is my first BB Cushion. I got this from my mom who just returned from her holiday in Seoul. Actually it’s a bit late to try this bestseller product from Laneige. It’s been popular since i was in Hong Kong 3 years ago. However, at that time i was thinking it’s weird to use BB cream with that way. So i didn’t buy it (although i was at Laneige store already) and just bought Water Sleeping Pack (it’s my first product from Laneige).

Basically, BB Cushion has the same formula and function with BB Cream. It used as a base before putting on other make up, to cover the imperfections on face such as freckles, large pores, and uneven skin tone as well. It also give a natural result which i like more than using foundation. The only things that make it different with BB Cream is the applicator. When you use BB Cream, you’ll need a brush or beauty blender to apply it on your face. In BB Cushion, all you need is only the cushion pad, which include inside the package (like compact powder). I really like it because it much more simple than bring the applicator separately.

Laneige has launched many edition for the BB Cushion, and of course with different packaging. One of fhem is the “Sparkling Party” edition. This edition, has 2 boxes in it. In each box, there are 1 full size BB Cushion, and 1 refill. For the shades, my mom chose the most natural color, 21 Natural Beige, and it's matched perfectly with my skin tone.

BB Cushion is a new “thing” for me, but it’s definitely become my favorite product. Since i used Laneige BB Cushion, i never thought to change my make up base. Beside the simple package of it (with the cushion pad inside), the other thing that makes me like this product is because it also contains SPF. It’s a good thing for me because i’m not a kind of person who likes to use sunscreen on my face everyday. I also like this BB Cushion because it's easy to blend on my skin, and it has a long lasting formula. I use it everyday in the morning, and it doesn't get oily at all in the afternoon. Laneige BB Cushion really perfect, especially for a woman who likes a simple thing, like me..

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