UNION Brasserie, Bakery and Bar at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah

by - April 09, 2015

Last month, i went to UNION at Street Gallery with my family. Its located at Pondok Indah and connected with Pondok Indah Mall 1 & 2. We were going on weekday, so we could get a table without waiting.

First time I saw the place, I think it is not good for children. Its quite dark and crowded. They also said that after 4pm, all the rooms will be free to smoke. But when I saw the rooms inside, I think it's ok to eat there, because they have a large door open. So the smoke will be not smelled by us. Otherwise, i also feel curious with their food - people said that they have very delicious food.

It only take a few minutes to see the menu. They make the menu simple. Doesn't like another italian restaurant which use italian language for their menu.

I ordered "escargot" for the appetizer. I love escargot, but its little bit hard to find escargot in Jakarta.

Escargot IDR 95k

The escargot is really good. It is chewy and salty. Although they only use butter and garlic to make, but it tasted delicious. 1 portion isn't enough for me.

For the mains, i ordered pasta (it's a request from Aurelia). It's a spaghetti, cooked with alba truffle sauce, pork crackling and bacon lardons. Sounds good~~

When it was coming, i didn't think it's a good dish. The presentation is just so so. Not impressive. I only saw the white creamy spaghetti with some pork crackling on top. Looks nothing special. I tried a bit before gave it to Aurelia. Surprisingly, it's so tasty. The saltiness of the truffle sauce, and the savoury of the pork, make it perfect. It's not a big portion, but it's also not too small. However, my daughter can finished that all. She said that it was yummy!!!

Another dish that we ordered is pan seared duck breast with cranberry sauce and roast vegetables. It was one of their recommendations for the western food.

Pan seared  duck breast IDR 160k

The presentation is really good. Unless the roast vegetables which they put in a bowl. It looks "black", and i didn't feel interested to eat that. I ate a bite of the duck breast. It's so tender and juicy. The duck ia cooked very well. But i don't like the sauce. It doesn't taste like cranberry, even more feels like BBQ sauce.
Camomille Tea IDR 30k
Actually we also ordered the pizza which use the wood-fired oven to cook it. But there was a mistake so we canceled it.

Beside the restaurant, they also have a bar and bakery. My friend always recommend their "Red Velvet" cake. However my tummy was really full, and the Red Velvet has a big cut. And i saw another interesting food, cronut..

There are 2 kinds of cronuts, chocolate and cinnamon. I chose cinnamon cronut. It looks tastier than cronut with chocolate on top. In fact, the cronut is out of my expectation. It's crispy, and taste really good. There's a lot of sugar  (with cinnamon powder maybe) at the cronut, and i like that. Even i ordered 1 more cronut to take away.

Cinnamon Sugar Cronut IDR 40K

I'm so satisfied with all the foods here. The price also not too expensive, worth it with the taste of their foods. I'll come back again next time, and make sure i can try their "wood-fired pizza".

UNION Brasserie, Bakery and Bar 
Street Gallery Terrace, Ground Floor
Pondok Indah Mall 1
Telp : (021) 29529781-82

Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Telp : (021) 57905861-62

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