The Strawberry (and Chocolate) Cake from Ginza

by - May 27, 2015

Do you know "Tokyo Banana"? At the first time, i thought it only has 1 variant : sponge cake with banana cream as the filling.  Honestly, I don't like it. The cake is too dry. But, everything was changed when i found this cake.

I got this cake from my father in law. He just came back from his holiday to Japan. Actually he brought a lot of snack (Japan is a heaven for snack lover). But i really in love with this cake.

There are 2 variants of this cake : strawberry cake , and strawberry & chocolate cake.

The strawberry & chocolate cake has chocolate and strawberry cream as the filling. The cake is totally soft. It doesn't feel dry at all. And the sweetness of the cream is perfect.

The strawberry cake also has a very soft texture. I really like this flavor because of its filling, custard cream and strawberry. I think it's a perfect combination. The sweetness of the custard cream, and the sourness of strawberry cream make me want to eat this cake more and more. Yumm :)

You can buy these cakes at Narita Airport, after the check in gate. However, if you're not departing from Narita Airport, you can get it at Tokyo station. They also have a lot of variant of this cake. As i remember, the price is around ¥1000, standard price for such a delicious cake like this in Japan.

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