Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream SPF 36 PA++

by - May 14, 2015

After more than a month using Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream , i feel my skin type has changed from dry - combination to normal.. Yeay!!! However, i haven't get the result for the brightening effect. And i started to think that i need another things from Laneige White Plus Renew line. Therefore, i bought Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream SPF 36 PA++.

Laneige White Plus Renew Daily Protection Cream works as day cream. You can use it every morning before do your daily activities. This cream also contains SPF 36 PA++. So, you don't need to use sunblock again. This cream makes everything simple, very suitable for everyone who's busy. You just need 1 step to get a bright face and it also give protection to your skin from the sun light.

The packaging looks exactly the same like its night cream, simple yet elegant.

You also will get a small spatula to take the cream. So it will keep hygienic.

Same packaging, doesn't mean same at the inside. The texture, color, and the smell are totally different. If the night cream has a relaxing smell, this day cream totally doesn't smells good. The texture also too creamy, little bit hard to blend it on my face. Maybe because it contains SPF for sun protection.

I have used this day cream (with night cream) for 1 month, and now my skin get brighter than before. My skin type also changed become normal. So far, this is the best whitening products i ever tried.

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