Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Color - 470 Red Eye

by - June 16, 2015

When i said that i'm a beauty junkie, that's including a nail polish addict. I really like to make my nails looks pretty and colorful. However, with my daily routines, I often forget to take care of my nail. My nail become fragile, and every time i use nail polish, it will be cracked easily. That means i have to clean all the nail polish on that nail, and start to make the new one :'( Because of that reason, i never used nail polish again for the last 5 months. Even i never find out again about the new nail polish.

About 2 months ago, i heard about nail gel which really famous with the shiny long lasting finish (until 2 weeks). Wow!! Sounds interesting? Of course it is!! But, i also heard that the price is quite expensive. For do this treatment, you need to put your nail underneath the UV light after use the nail gel. And you also need a special remover to clean the nail gel.

While i was walking at the drugstore (Watsons), i saw nail gel product from Sally Hansen . It looks very tempting for a nail polish lover like me :P Moreover, they said that i didn't need any UV light to make this nail gel long lasting. As a replacement, you need to put on the "special" top coat to make the gel long lasting on your nail.

Because this is my first experience with nail gel, i need to buy the top coat. And they offered me to buy this package, which include 1 gel color and 1 gel top coat. 

There's a few color option, but i chose this red color. I never have red nail polish before. Most of my nail polish color is blue ^^

The formula is really good. I only use it once, and it looks perfect on my nails. No mistake, no "bubbles". It also dry really quick. So it doesn't need to take a long time to use the top coat.

How to use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?
The reason why I want to buy this color gel is it's easy to use and no light needed. There are 2 simple steps:
1. Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel™ Color

2. Apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat

Easy? Yes it is. 1 more thing, to use this gel color, you don't need to use any base coat. Just 2 simple steps, and your nail will looks beautiful until 14 days ahead. It also easy to remove. Just use a nail polish remover, and you can apply the new color on your nail.

Psssttt... They have over 45 shades which can make your nail looks gorgeous.

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