Hollywood Style Original Peel Off Mask

by - June 18, 2015

Once in a week, i always like to do a special treatment for my face. Start from peeling / scrubbing, and continue with mask. My favorite mask is a peel off mask. I really like to pull the mask on my face, when it's already dry. It feels like all the dead cells and the excess oils gone. My skin become very soft after having that treatment.

It's been a while i never have peel off mask on my face. I couldn't find any store which sells peel off mask in Jakarta. The last brand that i used was Himalaya. I bought that when i was on vacation in Singapore. I'm looking for that brand in Jakarta, but they only have the facial wash. They don't have the peel off mask :(

Last week, i went to my favorite drugstore, Watsons. And i found Hollywood Style Original Peel Off Mask. How glad am i to see that! I just bought it and couldn't wait to use it.

Hollywood Style Original Peel Off Mask made from herbal formulas. It contains papaya, cucumber, and grapes, which really good for our skin.

It has a gel texture, but easily flattened. It also has a cooling sensation when you use it on your face, makes you feel at ease while during the mask. However, I don't really like the smell. It has a strong fragrance of cucumber.

How to use Hollywood Style Original Peel Off Mask?
1. Clean your face. You can use scrub / peeling for extra clean.
2. Apply an even layer on your face. Make sure all your face covered with the mask.
2. Wait for 20 - 30 minutes or until it's dry completely.
3. Peel off the mask.

Just like i said before, my skin become very soft after using this mask. The mask peels away the dead cells and excess oils on my face, especially on my nose. I really like to use peel off mask.

If i still can't find another brand for peel off mask, i will repurchase this mask.

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