Ombre Hair for Summer

by - July 08, 2015

This summer, become the most exciting summer for me. First, i'll go to Europe at this holiday. Second, i have an ombre hair!!! Finally, i was brave enough to bleach my hair, and get a bright color.

I really like to dye my hair, make it looks more beautiful. However, i never choose the bright color for my hair. Because i know, to get a bright color, i need to bleach my hair. Which means, my "dry" hair, will get drier and maybe it will be totally damaged.

But now, i feel bore with the "dark" color that i always use on my hair. I need something different. I was searching on Google about the new trend of hair color on 2015. And it's ombre!!

It looks so pretty. I like it so much. Therefore, i went to salon, and asked the hair stylist about this ombre hair. He helped me to choose the color that matches with my skin tone.

He started with a dark color (Orange 8 from Shiseido) as the base color on my hair. He started from the top, until the middle of the hair. And then, he bleached my hair, from the middle to the bottom of my hair. After 15 minutes, he looked at my hair, and said it was done. He asked the helper to washed my hair. According to my guess, my hair became very dry after bleaching. The hair stylist told me, I couldn't put another color on my hair that has been bleached. I need to do a hair treatment for 1-2 weeks, and after that i can color my hair again. I agree with him. 

Well, these are the pictures of my hair after bleaching. I didn't use any filter at these pictures. If the color looks different, it because of the light.

If you look at me from the front, it will not looks like an ombre hair. That's because I was also asked to bleach the front part of my hair, left side, and right side.

A week after bleaching day, i did "Kerastase" hair treatment. I also use Kerastase Elixir Ultimate Oléo-complexe every day, as a leave-in treatment. It really help to repair my damaged hair. 

After 2 weeks, i decided to go back to salon, and get a new color for my bleached hair. I don't like the color before, it looks so "yellow". I choose color Beige 13 from Shiseido.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures. It was taken by my 5 years old daughter :P
And here's the result..

The color didn't turn out, well, as i expected before. I expected the color was brighter. My hair stylist told me that i need to bleach my hair one more time, if I want to make my hair become totally "white". But the risk is, my hair will be more damage than before. I didn't want to take that risk. And,, however, i feel this color is also looks good on me. What do you think?

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