What's in my makeup bag for summer holiday?

by - July 14, 2015

Tonight, i'm going to go to Europe for summer holiday. I have prepared everything i need, including my beauty stuff.

I won't use any "special" make up. I want to make my face looks natural. Just like a daily look. But, that's should be a long lasting and waterproof make up. Since i'm going on summer, i'll be get sweaty easily.

So, what's in my make up bag?? Check it out, girls :)

1. Ettusais BB Mineral White
 BB Cream is the most important thing for me. I only need a few drop of BB Cream, and it will cover all imperfections on my face. This BB cream has a very light texture. Very suitable for daily use.

2. The Face Shop Phytoghenic Infinite Concealer Duo
So far, this is my favorite concealer for traveling. It has 2 types at one place : liquid and stick. Actually i don't really need the "stick" concealer. I need the "liquid" concealer, since i have very serious problem with my dark circles. However, sometimes i also need "stick" concealer to cover my freckles. Therefore, i really like this concealer. It's so simple, so i don't need to bring 2 concealers.

3. Mac Studio Perfect Compact SPF 15
I never stay with 1 powder. I always try the new powder, when the "old" powder has finished. The last compact powder that i tried, was come from MAC. Do i like it?? Of course i do!! It gives a perfect look for my face. I just need to use it little bit, and my face become very smooth.

4. Wet n Wild Trio Eyeshadow - E380B Walking On Eggshells
Nude color for eye make up is my favorite. For my daily use, i always use Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Eyeshadow. However, i can't bring it. The size is too big for traveling. Then, i found this "small" palette at the drugstore. I never use this eyeshadow before. But I think it will be good for natural daily look.

5. Etude House Color My Brows No 4
Since i have a bright hair color, i need to match my eyebrows with my hair. With this product, i make my "black" eyebrows turns into "light brown"

6. Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner
Eyeliner is very important for eye make up. Without eyeliner, my eyes will be look so "plain". This eyeliner very easy to use. And it also waterproof and oilproof.

7. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Since i have a very serious problem with my dry lips, i always bring this everywhere. About once in 3 hours, i need  to reuse this on my lips. It helps me a lot.

8. Dior Addict Fluid Stick - 479 Magique
This is summer baby!!! I need to put the bright lip color on my lips. And i choose my lip color from Dior. It has a very bright color. And the most important, it doesn't make my lips become dry.

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