[Europe] From Brussels to Paris with Thalys

by - October 17, 2015

After had a great lunch at Brussels Grill, and tasted the most delicious waffle at Maison Dandoy, that meant my trip in Brussels has ended. The next that we wanted to visit was Paris.

Delicious Food at Thalys Train

From Bruxelles Central, we took a local train to go to Bruxelles Midi. Bruxelles Midi is a big train station. If you want to go to another country from Brussels by train, you should take a train from this station. In this case, we took Thalys train to go to Paris.

Actually, you can buy Thalys train ticket at the station. There's a Thalys counter to buy the ticket. However, i decided to buy the ticket by online, 3 months in advance. The price is much cheaper than buying directly at the station. It only costs  €29 by online. If you buy at the station, it will be cost around €50. FYI, you can use this Thalys train ticket to take a local train in Brussels for free.

We arrived too early at the station. But it gave us enough time to find out about the platform. 15 minutes before departure, peoples started to come. I also saw a crew was telling people about their coach location based on the ticket. The train only have a short time to stop. So we needed to get ready on our spot before the train came. Or we will missed the train.

At the train, the ticket checker will check your ticket, and scan the barcode. So don't forget to print your ticket (if you buy online).

Thalys ticket sent by email

When i was buying the tickets, i chose class comfort 2. And i thought it's good enough. We got a facing seat with a table in between. It was cleaned and also comfortable. They also have a small cafe on the train. I decided to buy some food for our dinner.

I looked at the menu, it didn't have a lot of choices. Just a few sandwiches with some snacks. They also have some beverages as well. I just ordered a croque monsieur and a hot chocolate. Surprisingly, the croque monsieur was so delicious. I liked the melting cheese inside, and the bread was also yumm. I never thought that i will get a tasty food on the train.

The journey from Brussels to Paris takes about 1.5 hours by train. At the train i saw beautiful view of sunset. I was thankfully for another great trip. At 10 pm we arrived at Paris, precisely at Gare du Nord station. This is the biggest and the busiest train station in Paris. You should be careful in here. Many pickpockets watch the tourists who just come.

From the station we just walked across the street to go to Hotel Ibis Styles Paris Gare du Nord TGV, the place where we gonna stay during in Paris. We were so tired after have a long trip. So we just felt a sleep at hotel, and take a rest. Tomorrow we're going to have amazing day at Disneyland ^^ See ya~~

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