Lunch at Brussels Grill Le Char d'Or - the best pork ribs ever-

by - October 06, 2015

Honestly, i never thought that i would find the best pork ribs in Brussels. Nobody ever talk about it. It's just a coincidence, and i won't regret it.

I found this restaurant while i was walking to Grand Place from Bruxelles Central Station. I chose this restaurant because the price was not too expensive, and it also has a big portion. 1 portion of pork ribs costs around €20.

It's located in the middle of tourist crowds, right in front of Galeries Royale St Hubert. You can find this restaurant with "Stella Artois" name on its building. (Stella Artois is a famous beer in Brussels. You should try it when you're in Brussels)

They have a lot of choice on their menu, most of them are grilled. They also have mussels as well. We ordered a plate of pork ribs, and salad with pork belly for the appetizer.

First time i saw the pork ribs, it looks so dry. There's no sauce on the top. It didn't looks good at all. They only gave a small bowl of sauce for that huge pork ribs. But, when i tried a bite, the meat wasn't hard at all. It's so tender and juicy at the inside, with little bit crispy at the outside. I guess they fry the meat first to get the crispness at the outside, before they grill it.

One more thing that make me like this pork ribs is the sauce. The sauce is totally delicious. It didn't taste like another BBQ sauce. The sweet and sour flavour very balanced. I'm not a pork ribs lover. But i must, pork ribs here are very tasty. Even we ordered one more portion. One portion wasn't enough for this tasty food.

For the dessert, we ordered creme brulee. I knew it's not the right place for eat creme brulee. But creme brulee is my favorite dessert. I like the hard caramel on top, and it blended with the creamy custard. Yummmm....

Well, if you go to Brussels, don't forget to eat at Brussels Grill. Order some pork ribs and get a glass of Stella Artois. It will complete your day ~~

Brussels Grill Le Char d'Or 
La Maison du Char d'Or, Rue Marché aux herbes 89 - BE-1000 Bruxelles
Tel: (+32 2) 503 17 22
Email :
Opening Hours : Everyday from 12:00 to 23:00
Web :

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