[Europe] Half Day in Brussels

by - September 27, 2015

Actually i can't say "half" day for this trip. Because i only spent 4 hours to explore Brussels. However, if you just want to do the sight seeing, this time will be enough. FYI, Brussels is a small city. 1 day is more than enough to explore this city.

From Bruxelles Central, we walked through the street behind Hotel Le Meridien. Most people there went to the same direction, the Grand Place. That's also where we're heading. However, it was 3 pm at that time, and we haven't had lunch. I had no idea where should we eat. Because i've read at some forum about Brussels, and most people said that restaurant around Grand Place was a tourist trap. But, the hot weather and the tummy rumbling forced us to pick one restaurant. And we chose Brussels Grill  for our lunch.

After had lunch, we started to strolling. First, we walked to Grand Place, one of the famous landmark in Brussels.

Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles 

You can found the street artist at Grand Place. His pictures are so wonderful..

There's a lot of chocolate stores around Grand Place. But there's one place which i like the most, Godiva. I always like Godiva's chocolate. Wherever i found Godiva, it's a must for me to buy the ice cream or even the ice chocolate. But this time i didn't buy the ice cream. They have a "new" food which looks so promising : Fresh strawberry coated with delicious chocolate. How could i refuse that???

We continued our trip to the next landmark at Brussels, Manneken Pis. Manneken Pis is a fountain with a bronze statue of a little boy. It's located not far from Grand Place, about 400 m. Just walk to the "small" street at the left of Hôtel de Ville, go straight, Manneken Pis will be on the left. You will not miss the statue. Because it always full of peoples, especially tourists.

At this street, you can see a lot of stores selling waffles, tapestry and sculptures. Everything looks pretty and wonderful. But i still have 2 weeks at Europe and i think it would be hard to bring the sculptures during my trip. Anyway, i tried the most famous and delicious waffle at Brussels, Maison Dandoy. It also located at this street. I'll post about this waffle separately.

Before we ended this trip, we took a look at Galeries Royale St Hubert, a luxury shopping mall. It didn't take a long time, because we didn't have a plan to shopping here. Otherwise the place is also not big.

Delvaux store at Galeries Royale St Hubert 

I didn't realize it's already 7 pm. It's time for us to leave Brussels. We went to Bruxelles Midi station, and take Thalys train to go to Paris. However, i feel happy to have a trip at Brussels, even just for 4 hours. It was amazing day for us.

Just an advice from me :
Do not walk at Brussels with bring a luggage. The street is not good and it's very difficult to walk around with luggage. If you don't stay in Brussels, it will be better to put your luggage at the station. There's a locker for the left luggages at Bruxelles Central. But you have to prepare coins to use the locker. It's around € 4,5 for the large luggage.

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