[Europe] Volendam - a pretty little town

by - September 12, 2015

Have you ever seen a picture of the peoples wearing Holland's traditional costume? What do you think about that? Do you want to take a picture like that? Well, if you do, you must go to Volendam.

Volendam known as a place to take a "Photograph in Costume". In this case, the costume is a Holland's traditonal costume. Everyone who goes to Netherlands, they must go to Volendam to take pictures with their family as a keepsake. That's the only reason for me to go to Volendam.

From Amsterdam, i took bus 316 (towards Volendam - Edam) at Amsterdam, Centraal Station IJzijde. You can use "Amsterdam and Region Day Card" to take this bus. It only took 40 minutes to go to Volendam. FYI, the bus stop isn't in front of the station. But it's located inside the station, at the 2nd floor. Just follow the sign with a "bus" picture. You'll find the bus station, and the bus departure schedule board.

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Along the way, I saw a sight I will not get in the big cities. Vast rice fields, a group of cows, they look very beautiful and "green". I also see the windmill, which became a symbol of the Netherlands.

We took a stop at "Julianaweg / Centrum". That's the nearest stop with the place that i want to go, Foto de Boer. From the stop, we walked past the houses of local people in Volendam. Their houses are very small. But everything looks neat and aligned between the home with each other. They also planted colorful flowers in front of the house. I really like the atmosphere here, very quiet, and cool weather made us feel comfortable to walk.

Foto de Boer is a famous photography studio to take pictures with the costumes in Volendam. Its located at the Haven. We paid €39,5 for 7 peoples, and we got 2 photos with a large size. So many Indonesian peoples go to this place, even they make the instructions in Bahasa.

They said that the pictures will be completed within 30 minutes. We used the time to walk around. Along the way Haven, we see many people selling fish and chips and a herring in front of the pier. But, they don't have any chair for us to sit. At that time the weather is becoming increasingly cold because of the rain, coupled with high winds that made us cold. We kept walking and looking for the restaurant. And we found the famous "Fish & Chips" restaurant in Volendam. That's a perfect place for lunch!!

After had a lunch, we were strolling along the Haven street. At this place, you can find a lot of souvenir stores, and food stalls. You also can go to Amsterdam Cheese Company at this street. I also found a good place to eat poffertjes. It's  "IJs & Wafelhuis" They're selling waffle, poffertjes, and pancake as well. My favorite is the poffertjes. It's so yumm... I also bought some strawberries at this place. The strawberries are huge, and really sweet. It's not sour at all.

If you go to Volendam at summer, you can go to Marken by a ship from the pier. However i didn't have a lot of time so i just enjoyed my time in Volendam.

Before returning to Amsterdam, we took pictures along the way. The weather was very cold. But we really enjoyed the view and the quiet atmosphere there. I did not expect, a small town would make a very memorable memories for me. Someday, I will come back here, and try to stay at home as local people.

Foto de Boer
Haven 82, 1131 ET Volendam, Netherlands

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