Fish & Chips - Volendam

by - September 17, 2015

When you're in Volendam, there are 2 kinds of food you should try : herring and fish & chips. You can find many food stalls selling fish & chips and herring at Volendam. However, while i was there, it was raining and the weather was really cold. I need a place that is warm enough to shelter and have a lunch. That's why i went to Fish & Chips Volendam. Otherwise, this restaurant also quite famous in Volendam.

The place is quite small, but they have 2 floors. It wasn't crowded while i was there. So i could get a place easily.

They have various kinds of food. Not just fish & chips, they also have seafood platter and herring as well.

The fish and chips (and seafood platter), served with salad. If you like, you also can add paella rice on the plate. Just for your information , the portion was really big. I think 1 plate can be shared for 2 persons.

Fish & Chips

Overall, the foods was not really good, but it's also not bad. The paella rice was so different with the "real" paella, it's quite tasteless. But, the fish and chips was delicious and tasty. It's crispy and so fresh. They just fried it when you place an order.

How about the herring??
Sorry, but i wasn't brave enough to eat the herring. Because it's a raw fish , and some people said that the taste was fishy. However, if you like to eat raw fish, you should try this traditional food of Volendam.

Fish & Chips Volendam
Haven 22, 1131 ER Volendam, Netherlands

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