[Europe] From Amsterdam to Brussels with Mega Bus

by - September 20, 2015

It was the second day of my Europe Trip, and we're going to Brussels. To go to Brussels, i chose to take a "Mega Bus" ride from Amsterdam. The bus fare is quite cheaper than a train ride, £14 pp (it costs €40 pp to take Thalys train). And it also doesn't take a long time to go to Brussels (about 3 hours). Otherwise, i want to have an experience to go to another city by taking a bus. It must be nice with a beautiful view that i would see.

We started this trip from Amsterdam Centraal Station. We took tram 26 at CS tram Oostzijde towards IJBurg, and get down at the 4th stop (Zuiderzeeweg). Right behind this stopped, you'll see a large parking area, called "Zeeburg P&R coach park". This is the place where we gonna take Mega Bus.

inside the tram

When we arrived, the place was so quite. Even i couldn't see any people there. I feel worried if we're at the wrong place. Because we were there with large luggages, and it's gonna be hard for us to find another transportation.

Luckily, we met the security, and he told me that the place was at the end of the parking area. We walked to that place, and he was right. We saw a Mega Bus there. But there's no people there. Maybe it's too early ( i came 90 minutes before departure schedule :P)

30 minutes before the departure, peoples started to come. The staff checked our printed ticket (we've made reservation before) and the bus was ready to go. The departure schedule is at 11.30 am. Make sure you won't come late. Because they will not wait for you.

The bus is clean and comfortable. They also have a restroom inside the bus. So don't worry about the long trip ^^ During this trip, we saw the beautiful view of Netherlands. I'm so glad that we took this bus. So we could enjoy the view in Netherlands. Even though we're not exploring another city at Netherlands.

First time i made reservation at Mega Bus, they told me that the bus would stop at "Bruxelles Central" station. That's why we chose this bus. Because it's not far from the "Grand Place", so we could take a walk from the station to Grand Place. But, about 1 month before departure, i received an email from "Mega Bus". They told me that the stop has been changed. Start from July 16th, 2015, Mega Bus will stop at Rue du Progres, next to Gare du Nord.

It was confusing me at the first time. Because i didn't know anything about Gare du Nord area, and i was afraid running out of time in Brussels. However, when we were there, it didn't confused me as i was thinking before. I just need to take a train at the Gare du Nord towards Bruxelles Midi, and get down at the first stop (Bruxelles Central).

at Gare du Nord, Brussels 

Well, welcome to Brussels!! Don't forget to try the "real" Belgian waffles (and chocolate too!!). It's so delicious ^^

P.S. :
Don't forget to make a reservation at megabus.com few days before, and print your ticket. You can't buy the ticket on the spot.

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