[Europe] Les Invalides, Pont Alexander III, and Place de La Concorde

by - December 17, 2015

Actually, we wanted to spend this day only for shopping in Paris. However, we would pass these 3 places to go to the best shopping street in Paris. As a tourist, we didn't want to missed these beautiful places for a photo stop.

We started our trip from Les Invalides. Les Invalides is a complex of classic European style buildings. In this place, you can find the Napoleon Tomb, Church, and Museums. The beautiful design of these buildings, make this place become famous for tourists to take some pictures.

The next place is Pont Alexander III, one of the famous bridge which across the River Seine. It was located right in front of Les Invalides. We just across the street to go to this bridge. In addition to the location which close to Les Invalides, this bridge is also famous for its own charm. The golden statue, with the Eiffel Tower as the background. This bridge is perfect for a photo stop.

After across the bridge, we turned right to Cours-la-Reine. Cours-la-Reine is a public park and garden promenade located along the River Seine. Strolling along this garden is one of my favorite things to do in Paris. We're walking on this street for 700m, but we didn't feel tired at all. With a nice weather, and green scenery, this street is really good for afternoon strolling.

Eiffel Tower and Pont Alexander III seen from Cours-la-Reine

At the end of Cours-la-Reine, finally we reached our last spot for a photo stop. It's Place de La Concorde, a public square which famous for its fountain and Egyptian Obelisk.

Unfortunately, while we were there, the fountain was under maintenance. So we couldn't get closer to take a picture of the fountain. FYI, Place de La Concorde is located next to the Tuileries. If you have more time, you can continue your trip to go to the Tuileries Garden, and enjoy your afternoon..

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