New Hair Color for Winter 2015

by - December 20, 2015

Winter has come!! Not just make up, the hair color also need to be changed. If last summer i chose the bright color for my hair, at this season i changed it become more natural.

Actually i feel little bit bored with the ombre style on my hair. I want to change my hair color become darker and only in 1 color. However, when I was in the salon, I feel pity to change the color of my hair that has been bleached into a dark color. I needed a long time to repair my damaged hair after the bleach, just to get a beautiful hair color. Finally, I decided to keep it ombre, but use colors that are not too bright.

A few days ago, i went to Habb Hair Gallery, a Korean hair salon. Why did i choose this salon? Because i know that i could get the "unusual" color only at Korean / Japanese salon. As i live in Serpong, Habb Hair Gallery is the nearest salon from my home.

I asked Mr. Shin, the Korean hair stylist to color my hair. He showed me the choices of hair color that they have. (FYI, they use Amos brand for the hair color). I was interested with the pink color. As you know, my favorite color is pink ^^. However, i was hesitated if the pink color couldn't fit on my hair, because i only bleached my hair once. Mr. Shin told me it will be good on my hair, and i trust him.

He started from the top to the middle of my hair as the first step. I waited for about 15 minutes, and he asked the assistant to clean my hair and make it dry.

After it's dry, i could see my hair color turned into red. I really like it. It looks so different with my "old" hair color, and it makes my face become more fresh. The next step, he started to color the rest of my hair, from the middle to the bottom, with the pink color of course.

After the first step

To be honest, i was worried if the color was too bright and became a "hot pink". At the end, i found out the color's surprisingly adorable. It's not too bright at all. The color is really soft and looks natural. It's exactly what i wanted. Mr. Shin told me to do a hair manicure to get the perfect result and make my hair become glossy. However, i didn't have much time. So i will do it next time.


Indoor without light

Indoor with lights 

Extra story :
Anyway, i was going to the salon with Aurelia. While she was waiting for me, i asked Kevin, the Indonesian stylist to cut her hair. Overall i like her new hair cut. She looks more chubby. I was satisfied with the service at this salon. I will definitely come back again to do another treatment.

Habb Hair Gallery
Summarecon Mall Serpong, 1st floor - 226
Next to Centro Department Store
Opening hours : Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

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