[Europe] The Best Street for Shopping in Paris

by - January 19, 2016

Everybody knows, Paris is a heaven for shopaholic, especially if you are a fan of luxurious branded goods. Just say Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, these brands very popular among socialite, fashionista, even Hollywood celebrity. And those brands come from Paris.

In Paris, you can find these brands almost in every shopping places. Galeries Lafayette and Printemps  are the famous department store in Paris, and they also have these brands at their store. However, when you're shopping, you must be need a good place, with a good atmosphere. So you can enjoy choosing the stuff that you want. For sure, you will not find this atmosphere at the crowded place, which full of tourists.

Well, at this post, i will write about the best street in Paris, which have a nice atmosphere for shopping. I write this based on my experience, during my trip in Paris.

1. Rue Saint Honoré
I started my shopping time from this street, which located right after Place Vendome. It was the first time i felt like Parisian. Hopping from 1 store to another store.  I almost didn't see any tourists at this area. Many branded shops has their own store, such as Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Roberto Cavalli, and many more. Even they have more than 1 floor which means they have more collections that you can choose. At this street, you also can go to Chanel Cambon, the famous store for Chanel.

2. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Known as the largerst Hermes store location, this street become famous for Hermes lover. Even though this store has 3 floors, but it always full of people who wants to get the "Orange Box". This street still connected with Rue Saint Honoré. I could say, they at the same street. These streets only lined with the large intersection. FYI, from this intersection, you can see the beautiful L'église de La Madeleine.

Beside the Hermes store, you can find another high-end  brand at this street. Valentino, René Caovilla, Prada, Lanvin, you can find their store along this street. If you want to have more time to shopping here, i suggest you to stay at the hotel at this street. This area is really good for stay and really safe. You can walk out without worry about the pickpockets. I suggest you to stay at Buddha Bar Hotel or Hotel Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg (which located right in front of Hermes store) for luxurious stay. If you're looking for the cheaper option, you can stay at Hotel de Castiglione .

3. Avenue Montaigne
If you ask me what's the most luxurious street in Paris, i will say "Avenue Montaigne". Actually i never had a plan to go to this street. Even i didn't know about this street. But, while i was looking for Valentino Rockstud Heels at Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and they didn't have the size that i wanted. The Sales Assistant told me that Valentino store at Avenue Montaigne have the size. So we decided to go there. Otherwise, he told me that the location it's not far. We could reach it by walking.

So here we are, at the big, quite, and the most luxurious street in Paris. Peoples walk fashionably, wearing the high-end brand on their body. Sometimes we also saw the luxury car passing by. Before we reached Valentino store, we passed the most famous and beautiful hotel in Paris, Hôtel Plaza Athénée . Call me crazy, but i have to tell you this hotel is totally amazing. The building is decorated beautifully, with the red flower in every window. It made me stopped for a while to take some pictures in front of this luxury hotel.

Avenue Montaigne is the right place to go for a luxury shopping. All stores in this street are very huge. It feels more private to shop here. They also gave us a good service. We really enjoy it. For sure, this street become my favorite place for shopping in Paris.

4. Champs-Élysées
Who doesn't know this street? Champs-Élysees is a famous street in Paris. With the big pedestrian street, you can walk along this street, and shopping from one store to another. Not just the high-end brand, you can shop for a mid-range brand in here, such as Morgan, Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. 

Beside known as a shopping area, Champs-Élysées also famous for Lido show, Arc de Triomphe (the landmark of Paris), and various restaurants or cafe along the street. So, after shopping you can take a rest at one of restaurant / cafe, and enjoy the view of Arc de Triomphe. 

~ Well, what's your favorite street? ~

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