Le Soufflé, Rue du Mont Thabor - Paris

by - January 09, 2016

Are you looking for the best soufflé in Paris? Then you should go to the Le Soufflé. Located near the Place Vendôme, this restaurant serves the most delicious soufflé in Paris. No wonder you need to make reservation a few days before, especially if you have a big party in your group.

We're going to Le Soufflé for late lunch, around 2 pm after had a nice stroll at Cours-la-Reine. First time we entered the restaurant, we felt surprised because the place was really small. However, the interior is so beautiful, simple and chic. It makes a quite atmosphere and we like it.

They have a variety of menus to choose, and the waitress well explained to us about the food. We ordered a main course, and soufflé (of course!!). Unlike another restaurants who only serve sweet soufflé as a dessert, Le Soufflé also serves savory soufflé as appetizer and main course. I was curious about the taste of savory soufflé. That's the reason why I want to eat here.

Salade Verte de Saison (Green Salad) €7

Côtelettes Agneau (Lamb Chops)  €25
Even though the lamb chops has a small cut, but it tasted good. The meat was juicy and tender. I like to eat that especially with the sauce. Yummm.

Soufflé Henri IV Sauce Volaille aux Champignons €16

My choice for the savory soufflé was the cheese soufflé with sliced chicken and mushroom sauce. It was the first time i ate savory soufflé and i totally like it!!! Cheesy flavor inside the soufflé, mixed with the creamy mushroom sauce, that's a perfect combination. The sliced chicken also cooked perfectly. It's so tender and really match with the sauce. It's amazing...

Another recommend menu is Soufflé Pistachio with Chocolate sauce (€11) I ordered this soufflé as a dessert. It has a fluffy texture and the right consistency. When i ate that, it's just like melting inside my mouth. Pistachio flavor on the souffle (which not too strong), mixed with the chocolate sauce, it's a perfect combination. It's not too sweet as i was thinking before. Everything in this soufflé, make it become the best soufflé i ever ate.

I was really satisfied with all the foods they served. Just for infomation, their soufflé has a very big portion. If you're not in hungry mood, I strongly recommend you to order the soufflé for share. The price little bit too pricey, but it's all worth with the taste.

Le Soufflé
Address : 36 rue Mont Thabor , 75001 Paris
Phone : 01 42 60 27 19
Email : restaurant.lesouffle@gmail.com
Website : www.lesouffle.fr

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