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by - March 19, 2018

Bali, as one of the most popular destination in the world offers many beauty inside it.  Bali has it’s own charm started from the culture, until their beautiful nature. But we all know, Bali always identic with its beach. That’s the main reason why I did a short Bali trip last month. I wanna took my children to this paradise.

Dewa Dewi Chapel at Anantara Uluwatu
Short story behind our Bali trip…
So, Aurelia celebrated her 8th birthday on February, and I felt confused about the presents. It seems like she doesn’t like toys anymore. I was thinking what did she really want, and just remember it’s a beach! Yeah, we had a holiday at the cold weather lately, and she missed a warm weather at the beach. Everytime she watches movies or looks a picture of the beach, she always asked me, “When will we go to the beach?? I want to play at the beach, Mom.” Based on that reason, we decided to make a short vacation to Bali, because it’s the nearest yet beautiful beach with our home town. Beside that, I just realized that the last time we went to Bali was 3 years ago, and I missed Bali so badly…

At this post, I gonna write about our stay experience, at the luxurious resort in Bali. This time we decided to stay at Anantara Uluwatu Resort. Anantara has a very good reputation as a luxury hotel in the world. In Bali, Anantara has 2 locations, Seminyak and Uluwatu. Honestly, I like Seminyak more because there are numerous great café and restaurant in Seminyak, and it’s gonna be great for a foodies like me to stay there. So we don’t need to drive when we want to have a lunch or dinner. However, Uluwatu offers another good point for me (and my family). The view of the ocean, looked from the cliff. Yes, Uluwatu area located at the cliff, and the view from this area is so amazing. Especially if you want to catch a sunset, Uluwatu is the best place for that!!

Sunset in Uluwatu

Room – Ocean Suite View
Basically, all rooms at Anantara Uluwatu are Suite Rooms with ocean view. The differences are only the location (one at the main building and the other at the cliff) and also with or without private pool. We chose to stay at Ocean Suite View which located at the main building. I love the view from this room, because we’re not just get the ocean view, but also another part of Anantara Resort, in 1 frame.

View from the room

Looking at the sunset when it's just started, from our room
The room is very spacious. In 80 square meters, this room also has a big couch and it’s really good for a family with children (especially a toddler). With this room size, children will have more space for play and won’t feel boring at the room. Feels like home??? Yes, indeed!

I also love the idea of the bathroom. There are 2 bathroom sinks and it's really huge. Looking at this bathroom design, I started to think to make a bathroom like this at our home.

Bathroom Goals

Beside the room size and the view, there’s one thing that makes me love to stay at Anantara. It’s the jacuzzi. Every rooms in Anantara, equipped with an outdoor jacuzzi. Located at the balcony, this jacuzzi is a perfect spot for relaxing while looking at the fabulous view in front of you.

Bubble bath everyday

Aurelia loves bubble bath too

- Swimming Pool
Since Anantara is a luxury resort, of course they provide a good facilities for hotel guests. One of  them is the swimming pool. Located right by the cliff, it’s a perfect place to swim and feel the ambience of the ocean. FYI, Uluwatu is not a crowded area. From this place, you’ll find a peaceful atmosphere. Swimming or sit by the pool, it’s your choice.

Swimming Pool at Anantara Uluwatu

Enjoy sunset from the poolside
Anantara Uluwatu also has a view point which located above the pool. Comes with an ocean view, this place become a good place for have a romantic dinner, called "Dining by Design". Having dinner here with your couple gonna be a perfect place, especially for celebrating a special moment. You can contact the hotel for more information about this dinner or just click here to make a reservation.

Dewika Lounge at Anantara Uluwatu

- Free Shuttle
As I was saying, Uluwatu is an uncrowded area. You can’t go anywhere by walk, or find taxi easily. To go out from the resort, you need to drive with your own vehicle. However, if you want to go to attractions nearby, such as Pura Luhur Uluwatu (for watch Kecak Dance and sunset) and Padang – Padang Beach, you can use a free shuttle provided by Anantara Resort. There’s a schedule for each route, which you can asked with hotel staff.

Padang - Padang Beach

Breakfast & Dining at 360 Restaurant
By staying at Anantara, you’ll get a chance to have a breakfast at 360 Restaurant. 360 Restaurant is one of 3 restaurants provided by Anantara Uluwatu, which offers a great view of  Indian Ocean. For breakfast, they have a numerous options of food that you can choose, started from pastry, salad, pancake, until Indonesian dishes.

360 Restaurant at Anantara Uluwatu

Between all of these delicious dishes, I love the pastry, and the smoothies. 2 days in a row I ate every kinds of the pastry, smoothies, and also yoghurt. The yoghurt was so tasty. Not forgetting the muesli. Love it!!

Breakfast with a view at 360 Restaurant by Anantara Uluwatu
Not just for breakfast, 360 Restaurant also opened for lunch and dinner. We had a lunch here once, and we satisfied with the taste of their dishes. Even though we just ordered a plate of pasta (only for our children because we had lunch Balinese food before), but we knew they using a high skill to cook their food. Just look at the Spaghetti Carbonara below. It’s so creamy, and there are some thin slices of cheese on it. I could feel the strong taste from the sauce in every bite, and it’s taste exactly the same with pasta that I ate in Italy. Not disappointed at all!!

Spaghetti Carbonara
Complimentary Bread

If you feel lazy to get out from your room, you can order a food from Dining Service, which also provided by 360 Restaurant. It’s opened 24 hours, so it can be a great option if you’re hungry at night. I’ve tried it once, and the food also taste as great as we ate at the restaurant. We ordered another pasta dish (it’s my children’s favorite food), but this time we ordered Macaroni and Cheese.  At that time we’re expecting it’s gonna have the same taste with the carbonara. But it’s not!! It’s even more delicious and now it becomes the best Mac & Cheese I ever ate.

Macaroni and Cheese
2 nights stay at Anantara Uluwatu resort became a very memorable staycation for us. Our children very happy to stay there, so do we! At the last day, before we checked out, we just found out there’s a complimentary for hotel guest. It’s a family photoshoot with a personal photographer provided by Anantara. The photoshoot itself could be done at hotel area, anytime you wish as long as you still stay there. After the photoshoot done, you can choose 1 picture to be edited and printed for free. However, if you want to print out more than 1 picture, you can ask about another package they offer.

Family Photoshoot

Just an advice from me, photoshoot during sunset is very beautiful. If you have time, take a photoshoot at the sunset time. I’ve seen the result and it’s very fabulous. I regret to know about this photoshoot at the last day, and couldn’t do it with sunset as a background. But that’s fine. We love our photo results in the morning. It’s gonna be the unforgettable staycation for our family.

Lobby of Anantara Uluwatu Resort at Night

Anantara Uluwatu Resort
Address : Jl. Pemutih - Labuan Sait, Uluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, 80361
Phone : +62 361 895 7555
Website :
Email :

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