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by - March 27, 2018

Seminyak, as one of the most crowded area in Bali, offers many great places to eat. Started from local "warungs", until fine dining restaurants, you can find it all the way in Seminyak. As a foodies, it's a paradise for me and I don't wanna missed any visit to the popular places for eat there. Between many restaurants, there's one restaurant that I really wanna try, it's Motel Mexicola. Motel Mexicola is restaurant who serves Mexican food. I love Mexican food. I love tacos, nachos, and churros!! Those all my favorites and I was so craving for them. Yeah, it's kinda hard to get Mexican food in my town. So when I see there's a good Mexican Restaurant in Bali, I don't wanna missed this chance.

Cozy indoor seating at Sea Circus

Short story, we decided to came there for a lunch, because at night this place change into a bar, and I thing it's not suitable for children. When I was there, I found out they only have outdoor seating and at that time Bali was really really hot. My son, Winston always be cranky everytime being at the hot weather, so we moved to other restaurant who serves tacos as well, Sea Circus.

Sea Circus also quite famous in Seminyak. Located not far from Motel Mexicola, this place offers a great food and thankfully, they have an indoor seating so I don't need to feel "hot" while enjoying my food. Sea Circus well known for their tacos. However it only available at lunch time which started at 12PM. Well, while waiting for that time, we decided to order a smoothie bowl. Actually, we're not too hungry at that time because we just had breakfast at the hotel. We just want to have a tacos "snack time", to fulfill my craving with Mexican food.

Acai Bowl - IDR 95K
Acai Bowl 
While I was asking the waitress a recommendation for smoothie bowl, she told me Acai Bowl is the most favorite smoothie bowl at Sea Circus. It made with frozen acai berry blended with banana, blueberries, mango, and coconut water, and it's totally delicious. It's not the first time for me to eat smoothie bowl. I make it everyday as a breakfast at home (i'll post the recipe next time). But this smoothie bowl is different. I love the crispiness of granola (they use a lot of it!), and also the very cold smoothie which comes from the frozen acai berry.

Spicy Prawn Tacos - IDR 90K
Spicy Prawn Tacos 2Pcs (90K)
Tacos at Sea Circus is unlike the original taco. It's not a hard shell tacos. Instead, it's soft and unfolded. There are many options for the toppings, but this time I chose spicy prawn with mango salsa sauce, infused with sour cream. To be honest, I don't really like the sauce, because it's quite tasteless. But I love the prawn. It was grilled perfectly with tasty seasons.. Maybe that's the reasons why they make the sauce tasteless.. So I can taste more the flavor of the prawn. Anyway, you can choose is to be served as 2 or 3 pcs tacos.

Detail of the toppings
Choices of the toppings of tacos at Sea Circus

Mango Tango (55K)
After had a lovely taste of Mango Lassie at NOOK , everytime we go to cafe or restaurant Aurelia always request a mango flavoured drink. Luckily, they have mango flavoured smoothies called "Mango Tango". Mango Tango is a smoothies made with mango, yoghurt, and milk. It wasn't bad, but not as good as Mango Lassie at NOOK.

Mango Tango Smoothies - IDR 55K

My lunch at Sea Circus wasn't too bad. But some people said this place is more popular for breakfast than for lunch. Maybe next time I'll come back for breakfast and eat more smoothie bowl..

Sea Circus
Address : Jalan Kayu Aya No. 22, Seminyak, Bali 80361
Phone : +62 361 738667
Opening hours : Mon - Sun 7AM - 12AM
Website :

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