[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 1 : From Airport to Terminal Ferry

by - December 25, 2014

July 30th, 2014

In the morning, i went to Soekarno Hatta International Airport. I used Tiger Air for this journey. While i was waiting, i bought some foods for my breakfast at Starbucks.

Hazelnut Chocolate and Smoked Beef Quiche 

Actually i was looking for Cheese Quiche. But that was sold out. After that i flew to Changi Airport for transit (because i used Tiger Airways, the airline based in Singapore). 

When we arrived, we went to transfer desk E2 to get the new boarding pass to Hong Kong. I didn't feel hungry at that time so i just bought Subway sandwich. 

With my hubby at Changi 
It didn't take a long time at Changi. It just about 2-3 hours waiting, then we had to fly to Hong Kong. 

Enjoy my Italian BMT 
At 8 pm, we arrived at Hong Kong International Airport  (HKIA). But we didn't out from the airport, because we need to go to Macau by ferry directly from HKIA. If you want to go to Macau from HKIA, you don't need to go out from the immigration and claim your baggage. Just show your baggage tag when you buy ticket for ferry, and they will move your luggage to the ferry. 

 Actually at the first time we didn't want to go to Macau. We just had a plan to go to Hong Kong. So i bought the flight ticket from Jakarta to Hong Kong. But suddenly i thought we need to go to Macau because it's not far from Hong Kong. And we could just use a ferry  to go to Macau. So this is what happened. We spent a whole day just for the trip from one airport to another airport. This is very annoying indeed.

I felt tired and sleepy. And i saw restaurant named "Super Super Congee and Noodles". I ordered wonton noodles and it tasted good. Can't wait to try the famous Tsim Chai Kee at Hong Kong ~~

Finally, this is the time to go to Macau. We rode a small train to catch the boarding gate. Just follow the sign. All in English, so don't worry if you can't read Cantonese. 

Inside the ferry

Yey... Macau..

It just took 45 minutes until we arrived at Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal. After we finished to claim our baggage, we found the shuttle bus to Sheraton Hotel. It located across the street. So we had to pass the underground to go there. There will be so many buses there. You just need to find the name of your hotel at the bus.

Shuttle bus to Sands Cotai hotel

It's not crowded at Sheraton Hotel. Maybe because it's already late night. Well, that's the end of our first day, and don't forget to see the next post, to read more about our adventure in Macau.


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