[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 2 : Venetian Resort , Rua do Cunha and City of Dreams

by - December 27, 2014

July 31st, 2014

View from my room at Sheraton Macao

Today we had a plan to explore Venetian and go to Rua do Cunha. But before that, we had a breakfast at Sheraton Macao Hotel. Seriously, the foods are really good.

Dim sum 
Bacon is a must...
The bacon was crispy, and the red bean was so tasty. Actually i don't really cherry tomato. But these tomatoes were really good. It's not too sour. They just baked the tomatoes until cooked. 1 portion wasn't enough for those cherry tomatoes.

After had a breakfast, we checked out from Sheraton Hotel and moved to Venetian Resort. We followed the sign to the Sands Cotai Central. As i know, there's a bridge from Sands Cotai Central to Venetian. We just followed the sign and then we found "Toothless" from How To Train Your Dragon movie. Its so crowded in the morning.

FYI, Sheraton Hotel, Holiday Inn, and Conrad hotel are connected to Sands Cotai Central. So you don't need to go outside the building. When we were walking at Sands Cotai Central,  we saw the indoor bridge which connecting us to The Shoppes of Four Seasons. (Venetian Resort located next to the Four Seasons)
Sands Cotai Central 
When you arrive at Four Seasons,  keep following the sign to Venetian Resort. They'll lead us to the Venetian without going outside the building.
Moschino store at The Shoppes of Four Seasons 
After check in at Venetian we just went to our room. We booked "Bella Suite" for us. Actually the room wasn't really big. But the interior is really beautiful. Even my daughter didn't want to leave the room when i asked her to go out

Luxurious bathroom 
2 queen beds at Bella Suite 
Today we only want to explore The Grand Canal Shoppes at Venetian. I heard its really big and you will not finish it even though you walk there for a day long. And that's so true.

We also tried the famous Portuguese egg tart from Lord Stow's Bakery. The pastry was really crispy. It tasted good. I heard Lord Stow's Bakery is the first bakery who sell egg tart in Macau. CMIIW

At 4 pm, we decided to go out and heading to Rua do Cunha. We went to the West Lobby (the place for all the shuttle bus stop) and turn right. We found the escalator to the bridge for accros the street. But its not indoor bridge. The weather was really hot. Although its already 4 pm.
Venetian Building seen from the bridge 

 After the bridge just follow that way. Its not far from there.

The first thing that i did is looking for the famous Pork Chop Bun "Tai Lei Loi Kei". I tried Pork Chop Sweet Bun and Curry Fish Ball. Someone told me their curry fish ball is more delicious than in Hong Kong. That's why i decided to try it, because i never eat curry fish ball before and i'm so curious with the taste. I ate 1 fish ball with the curry sauce. The curry flavour is too strong and spicy. I don't like it. But i like the fish ball. Its so chewy.

Pork Chop Sweet Bun 
Then i tried the pork chop sweet bun. The pork chop is so tender and tasty. You don't need to put on ketchup or chilli sauce. The flavour is so perfect.  But i don't like the sweet bun. I think it was too sweet and didn't match with the savory flavor of the meat.

After that we walked around Rua do Cunha. Actually that's a nice place. But the weather were extremely hot so we didn't enjoy the trip.

Lots of pork and beef jerky

Pastelaria Koi Kei

Durian Pudding "Mok Yi Kei"

The hot weather made us can't stay too long at Rua do Cunha. So we decided to go back to hotel, take a rest, and go to City of Dream. 

In front of City of Dream 
City of Dreams is just across the Venetian Resort. Its connected with Hard Rock Hotel. At City of Dreams there are 2 amazing show, Dragon Treasure and House of Dancing Water. But i didn't have enough time to watch the show.

Aurelia also take a picture of the dragon 
We were going out from City of Dreams and saw the beautiful lights from Venetian building at night.

For the dinner we decided to go to the food court at The Venetian Macao. I didn't feel hungry at that time. Maybe because of the pork chop bun and lots of snack that i ate at Rua do Cunha. But i saw Leitaria I Son. I've read the reviews before about the steamed egg milk from Leitaria I Son. So i decided to try it.

Steamed milk

If you are a fan of milk, you'll love this food. Milk taste really strong. But there is no sweetness at all of these foods. I'm not a fan of milk. So I think it feels really weird. Like eating fresh milk pudding without sugar.

Tempted by a bowl of instant noodle

The noodle has a big portion. I couldn't finish that all. I just ate the egg and pork (so yumm), and little bit noodle.

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