[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 3 : Sands Cotai Central ( Kids Cavern ), Ruins of St. Paul's

by - December 28, 2014

August 1st, 2014

This is the last day for us to have a full day at Macau. So we have to go to every place that we want to go. First we went to Cafe Deco Venetian for had a breakfast.

This is a huge place for have a breakfast. They also have a lot of foods. But the taste isn't as good as at Sheraton. 

Her favorite foods : corn and lettuce!! 
Finished the breakfast,  then we walked around that area. Venetian Resort is really big. I've walked at Venetian a day before, but i didn't pass this area. Next to the Cafe Deco, we found a gift shop. 
Pretty masks

A cute " Toothless " doll 
After shopping we went to the swimming pool area. As i remember,  they have 3 swimming pools but its not big.
The biggest swimming pool at Venetian 

My hubby told me that he wanted to see Transformers Expo  . He saw the banner in front of Cafe Deco. But i didn't want to watch it. So he just watched it with his brother. 

At 1 pm, we decided to go to Sands Cotai Central. I heard there's a DreamWorks parade at 3 pm. And i also wanted to go to Kids Cavern. Kids Cavern is a large store that sells children stuff. There are a lot of toys, clothes, and candies!!!


Tons of Sweets 
We bought a few kinds of candy. Then we saw Koufu food court. Sounds interesting... We tried to look inside. There's a lot of food there (and not too pricey like at Venetian). So we decided to have a lunch there.

Plate burning sambo MOP 98 
I order plate burning sambo at Pan One. It contains salmon, beef, and chicken. I mixed it with the sauce, its so tasty.. All the meat cooked well done. And there's no strong pepper taste like at  "Pepper lunch"

Finished with our lunch, we explored Sands Cotai Central, and waiting for DreamWorks All star parade The parade is located at Level 2 The Shoppes of Cotai Central. They started at 3pm daily. I'm so excited with this parade. Because you can take a picture with all the character of DreamWorks. My daughter gonna love it.

The parade runs for about 30 minutes. After that we walked to City of Dreams, and used a shuttle bus to go to Hotel Sintra. You can use that shuttle bus to go to Largo do Senado (Senado Square) and Ruins of St Paul's.

The situation is much different than in Taipa area. Its more crowded and not quite as in Taipa. We walked to Largo do Senado, and saw there are a lot of people there. There are a lot of shops at Senado. There are Okashii Land, Milan Station, etc. At Senado, you also can found a lots of people selling pork jerky and pork chop bun. They'll give a tester in front of their store.

St. Dominic's Church 

"Crazy" pose because of the hot weather 
We were going behind the ruins and saw the inside

Finished with the Ruins of St Paul's,  we were going to Mount Fortress and Museum of Macau. They're located next to Ruins of St Paul's. There are 2 ways to going there, to the right (long and high stairs), and the left (going up with the escalator inside Museum of Macau). At the first time i didn't know there is an escalator to going up. So i chose the right way. Its really far and the hot weather made it become worse!!

Grand Lisboa from Mount Fortress 

Couldn't stand with the hot weather, we were going from Senado. But before go back to hotel, we went to Margaret's Cafe e Nata. Its located not too far from Senado. They are known to sell very tasty egg tarts.

I came at 5pm and they only had 12pcs left. So i think you have to come earlier. I tried 1 bite and felt the taste was amazing!! Its more delicious than Lord Stow's egg tart. The sweetness and the crispy pastry make it perfect.. Even my daughter can eat 3pcs egg tarts.

Shuttle bus to City of Dreams from Hotel Sintra
For the dinner, we decided to go back to Koufu food court. We ate "Plate Burning Sambo" (again) at Pan One. That's totally recommended!! Actually we had a plan to go to Grand Lisboa and Wynn Hotel after dinner. But it was raining :( So we just turned around to go back to our hotel. Accidentally, we found another part of Sands Cotai. There's a beautiful place to take some pictures. LOL.

Turbo - the fast snail 
So this is the end of our journey at Macau. Tomorrow,  we had to go to Macau in the morning.

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