[Europe] Wonderful Day at Disneyland Paris

by - November 23, 2015

Most people must be like to go to Disneyland. Especially for my daughter, Aurelia. We have been to Disneyland before, it was at Hong Kong. That's the first experience for us at Disneyland. And now, we're going to Disneyland Paris.

It was the first day in Paris. We decided to go to Disneyland on the first day, because we certainly do not feel tired at that time. We had no idea about the weather at that day. All we knew Paris has a hot weather on summer. So we both just wore a T-shirt and short pants. We walked out from the hotel at 8 am, and i just realized, we wore the wrong outfit. The weather was cold at that time. Not as cold as the weather in Amsterdam. But it's too cold for us who never had experience with cold weather.

To go to Disneyland Paris, we took a RER A train from Gare du Nord towards Marne La Vallee / Cheesy. It costs €7,6 for adult, €3,8 for child under 10 years. Actually we wanted to buy the tickets from the machine, considering French peoples don't speak English. At the machine, we can choose the English language option. However there was a long queue at that time, so we bought the tickets at the ticket counter. If you want to buy the ticket at the ticket counter, and the staff doesn't understand you, just say "Disneyland" or "Euro Disney", and tell the number of people. The staff will give you the ticket that you need. If you want to buy the tickets for the return trip, just say "Aller Retour" . There's no discount for return ticket. It becomes €15,2 for adult, €7,6 for child.

In front of Walt Disney Studio Park

It took around 40 minutes to reach Disneyland. Arrived at Marne La Valle / cheesy station, we saw very long queue at every ticket counter. I felt so glad that we have bought the tickets for return. Stepped out from the station, i saw two places : Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park. We chose the Park instead the Studio. Because the fireworks only shown at Disneyland Park. Otherwise, the rides at Disney Studio is more frightening than Disneyland Park. Not suitable for Aurelia.

After scanned our tickets at the gate (we've bought the tickets by online), we were heading to the first attraction, "Big Thunder Mountain". It's at Frontier Land area. We knew there would be a long queue for this attraction, since this roller coaster is kids friendly. That's why we went to here as soon as possible.

Wefie before the ride started :P

We continued to Mystic Manor. It's at the same location with Big Thunder Mountain. I thought it was a haunted mansion, which let us to walked by feet. But it's not. You'll take a small train inside for look around.

Still around Frontier land, we were heading to Chapparal Stage. I read in schedule, there would be a Frozen Summer Show at this place. Who doesn't love frozen? Most people at Disneyland wearing Frozen costume (Anna dress and Elsa dress). Not just a kids, even adults also wear Elsa dress with Elsa fake hair :)

After the show finished, it was around 12 pm. It's a lunch time!! We both felt tired and hungry after walked around (although we just walked at 1 area). Finally, we decided to have a lunch at "The Lucky Nugget Saloon". It looks promising with their pork ribs for our rumbling-tummy.

With the full tummy, suddenly we felt lazy to walked around and queue for another attractions. So we just walked to store by store, shopping Aurelia's stuff, and take some pictures at the Main Street. It was a heaven for all of us, especially Aurelia. She could get what she wanted. We also bought Princess Anna dress (€69,99) for her. That's her favorite dress. She felt so happy at Disneyland. Just like peoples say, "Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth".

Between a lot of souvenir stores, there's 1 store which really amazed me. It's Harrington's Fine China and Porcelains. They sells so many disney character's porcelains. It looks pretty and really cute. The price was quite expensive, but it's worth with the quality of their product.

After "recharge" our body with shopping :P, we started to walk again. The next stop is Tomorrow Land area. We wanted to ride Space Mountain, the famous indoor roller coaster. Unfortunately it was under maintenance at that time. So we're leaving Tomorrow Land, and continued to Fantasty Land.

Space Mountain - Tomorrow Land

Fantasy Land is the most wonderful area, especially  for girls. It's located behind the Sleeping Beauty Castle. First place I've visited was Princess Pavilion. At this place you can take a picture with your favorite Disney Princess. Unfortunately, i couldn't go inside at that time. They said that we need to make a reservation to go inside the Princess Pavilion. And we couldn't make a reservation for that day because it was already full.

Then we continued to walk around at Fantasy Land. I really like this area. There are so many attractions which suitable for kids. That's why the attractions here always have a long queue. Just an advice, you should come to Fantasy Land after the parade finish. There will be no queue at this time.

After the parade, we were waiting for the fireworks. I really want to see the fireworks at Disneyland Paris, since i didn't see the fireworks at Disneyland Hongkong. Everybody said that fireworks at Disneyland Paris is the best!!

Most people were going out after parade. So we could get a table at any restaurant easily. We chose the table at the Main Street, because I thought it's the most strategic place to see the fireworks. We ordered the famous hot dog which always has a long queue since in the morning. Now i know why they have a long queue. The hot dog was so delicious. Even my daughter (who never like sausage) could finish a whole hot dog.

The fireworks started at 11 pm at summer. Because they're waiting until the sky is getting dark. It was 8 pm, and we really tired and sleepy. The weather was also getting hotter. We tried to wake ourselves up by strolling at Fantasy Land. We played at Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Meet the Mickey Mouse, and another attractions at Fantasy land.

Meet the Mickey Mouse is a place like Princess Pavilion. The difference is, you will take a picture with Mickey Mouse, not the Princess. They used their camera to take our pictures. At the end, we can choose our picture and print out the picture by paying around €25.

It almost 9 pm and we had nothing to do. We had play all the attractions. Finally we gave up and decided to go back to hotel. Twice we go to Disneyland,  and twice we couldn't see the fireworks show :(  Well, i learned one thing from this experience. If you want to see the fireworks show, you should stay at Disneyland Hotel. So after the parade show you can go back to hotel, take a rest, and go back again to Disneyland at the time when the fireworks started.

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