Frozen Summer Fun 2015 at Disneyland Paris

by - November 25, 2015

Disneyland always have an interesting event in every season. While I was on Disneyland Paris, it was on summer. And they have an event called "Frozen Summer Fun". This event divided into 2 parts: Frozen Sing A Long and Frozen Parade.

● Frozen Sing A Long
Frozen Sing A Long held at The Chaparral Stage which is located at the end of Frontier Land. They made a small "village" with Frozen theme. You could buy any Frozen stuff in here. Even they have a food stall which sells slushie (with Frozen bottle of course), and some "Olaf" -shaped- cake pop.

The show is divided into several times. Some in English and some in French language. We watched the first show in English. My daughter really like it. Because at the show, we could sing together with Frozen's character such as Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. We also invited to interact with the players. I saw every kids felt so excited, especially when it's snowing (although it was only artificial snow).

● Frozen Parade
This parade was so different with the usual parade at Disneyland. We wouldn't see so many character with some dance around. At this parade, we could see Princess Anna and Queen Elsa, sit at the horse-drawn carriage, say hello to every peoples. There were 2 parades in 1 day. However i missed the first parade, because the parade didn't last long. I only heard the Frozen's song for a while. At that time i thought it was nothing. Luckily i could see the second parade which is the last parade at that day. It was a great experience for my daughter.

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