The Lucky Nugget Saloon - Classic Restaurant at Disneyland Paris

by - November 23, 2015

Spend a whole day at the theme park always become my favorite activity. We can shopping, play a ride, take pictures, and one thing i will never forget,,, try some new (and good) foods.

Last summer, i went to Europe with my family, and we visited Disneyland Paris. There are so many restaurants at Disneyland Paris. The famous one is Auberge de Cendrillon. Why is it so famous? Because when you eat here, you will entertained by Disney's Princess who dance with the Prince. Even you can talk and take a pictures with them. Kids must be like it.

However, we didn't go to there, because they serve French cuisine. My family don't really like French Cuisine. Instead, we chose to have a lunch at The Lucky Nugget Saloon.

When we came inside, the waitress gave us the menu. They have a package menu about €20 /package. It's including main course (pork ribs / burger / fish & chips), dessert (fruit salad / vanilla ice cream sundae) and drink. We needed to choose the food, and pay first. After that they would lead us to our table.

I like the interior of this restaurant. It looks classic with the paint on the wall. They have an old style, but it's so elegant. It's like a big ballroom at the fairy tale.

We're not waiting for a long time to enjoy the food. First, they served the main course and the beverage.

To be honest, i don't really like their pork ribs. The sauce was just so so. However, they serve a good quality pork ribs. It has a lot of meat, and it's so juicy. The fish & chips also taste good. Especially the curly fries. Yummm.

Fruit Salad - Dessert

After finished our main course, we told the waitress to serve the dessert. The vanilla ice cream was so tasty. It has a milky flavor with milk caramel sauce, crushed caramelized nuts on top. Anyway, you can choose another sauce for the topping, such as chocolate sauce and red berry sauce.

Had a lunch in here, was an unforgettable experience for us. We could enjoy our food while listening the live music from the stage. It was memorable for us.

The Lucky Nugget Saloon
Frontier Land - Disneyland Paris

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