Beauty Haul from Europe (Part II)

by - November 21, 2017

This is the second post about beauty haul from Europe Trip. It's kinda embarrassing to post about it at this time, because it’s been 2,5 years since i had this trip. But i really forgot at all about this post and it has been at my draft for that long. I’ve make promise to post about other beauty things that i bought in Europe at the first post about beauty haul from Europe. And i’m not a kind of person who likes to break my promise.

If at the first post i wrote about luxury beauty stuff that i got in Paris, this time i’ll talk about beauty stuff that i bought while i was in Milan, which is more affordable. Actually i don’t have any plan to shopping again. I’ve got everything i want in Paris. But when in Milan, i just found some new make up brand, and they’re all looks amazing. Really hard to ignore them, so i bought some make up and nail polish to add my make up collection. (Also read : Cheap “Fashion and Beauty” Shopping Guide in Europe)

I never heard about this brand before. I found this brand at OVS Via Torino, near Duomo di Milano. OVS is a shopping store, and they sell affordable fashion stuff. First time i stepped in to this store, i just wanted to shopping for a daily outfit. But i saw this Essence stall and i fell in love with their product. Not just because the cheap price that they offer, but the products itself looks pretty. They have a lot of variety beauty products from make up until nail polish.

I fell in love with this nail polish since the first time i saw it. The color looks fabulous. And, Oh! It's not and ordinary nail polish. It's a nail gel, and i love nail gel so much. I'm not a kind of person who likes to change a nail color at the short time. I really need a long lasting nail color, and nail gel it's a perfect things for me First time i knew nail gel from Sally Hansen, and since that moment i started collect nail gel. The gel nail polish from Essence is really a good products. Easy to use, not bubbling, long lasting, and the color so beautiful. You can get this good quality products only with €1,7.

From top to the bottom : The Gel Nail Polish 34 (Candy Love), 21 (a whisper of spring), 36 (dare it nude), Effect Nail Polish 28 (truth or dare?)

Other products that i bought at Essence is the eyeliner. I bought 2 types of eyeliner, "liquid matt" and "long lasting pencil". After try both of these products, i would recommend you to buy the pencil one. I love this eyeliner because it's super easy to use and also smudge-proof. And like the name of this eyeliner, it has a long lasting result. So far this is the best eye pencil i ever tried, and the price is only €1,6.

Essence Liquid Ink Matt Eyeliner 

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - 20 Lucky Lead

KIKO Milano

Still at the same street, KIKO Milano has their own store and it's like a heaven for make up addict (like me). The price is not as cheap as Essence, but it's worth with the quality.

Started with this eyeshadow stick, this is one of my favorite product from KIKO. The formula is really good. Well pigmented, easy to blend, and the most important is long lasting. It's really suitable for a traveller like me. Since i have this eyeshadow stick, everytime i travel, i'll bring this because it's so simple to use.

KIKO Long Lasting Stick 38

Next is concealer. Dark circle always be a problem for me. I've tried many eye cream and also get enough sleep, but it never gone. So everytime i'm at makeup store, i always looking for their best seller for cover the dark circle. With the peach color, this concealer from KIKO really cover the dark circle under my eye. They have a good formula, however i don't like the packaging. It's a pump type concealer. Everytime i pump it, the concealer always come out a lot and it's too much for me.

KIKO dark circle concealer 02 Peach

The last is the blush on. I love this color since the first time i saw. It's so perfect for my skin tone which not too fair.

KIKO colour veil blush 03

Flor de Mayo
Actually it's not a beauty product that i bought in Milan. But this product is really good so i also write about it at this post. I bought this hand cream at El Corte InglésBarcelona. I love to using hand cream because it makes my hand keep moisturized. I have many hand cream, but this hand cream is my favorite. Not just because the natural formula that they have, but i love the smell too. It's vanila, and it always be my favorite.

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