Il Pastaio di Roma, Via dei Coronari - Rome

by - November 13, 2017

“When in Italy, eat pasta as much as you can.”

Those are words that i talked to myself and Ivan before we go to Italy. I love pasta, and Aurelia too. We know that pasta was born in Italy. So we didn’t want to miss any day to not eating pasta when in Italy. It was the last day for us. At the next day we must go back to our country. Well, at this day, we must eat another delicious pasta, and we decided to have a lunch at Il Pastaio di Roma.

Il Pastaio is a small restaurant that serves a delicous, fresh pasta in Rome. Located in the middle between Vatican and Piazza Navona, this strategic location make them easy to be reached. Heard about their reputation as one of the best pasta in Rome, we decided to stop here for lunch after visiting Vatican.

They don't have many options for pasta. Instead, they have other food beside pasta such as salad, and rice too. We ordered some pasta with our favorite sauce, pesto (for Aurelia) and Amatriciana. It took for while for them to prepare the pasta. Meanwhile, we ordered other food which ready to eat.

Riso Pollo e Curry €5

Amatriciana €5

Aurelia's Favorite : Pesto €5
Well, how was it??? It was so tasty!!! They cooked this fresh pasta perfectly. The delicious sauce also make a plus point for it. Don’t worry about the price. Eat a delicious food in Europe not always be expensive. They are selling this yummy pasta only €5 for a big portion. Isn’t it a good deal????

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Il Pastaio di Roma
Address : Via dei Coronari, 102/103, 00186, Roma RM, Italy
Phone : +39 06 6476 0618
Opening hours : Monday - Sunday 11AM - 9PM
Website :

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