[Europe] Colosseum and Roman Forum

by - November 07, 2017

At the day we arrived in Rome, we went to Colosseum directly after check in at Hotel Morgana. We took Metro Line B from Termini Station, and stopped at Colosseo Station. It’s just 2 stops away so it didn’t take a long time to reach Colosseum. Aurelia was very happy to see this place. She recognized this place from Madagascar movie and she's so excited to visit it.

Don't get bored with this pose. It was her favorite and she did it everytime i asked her to take photo :P

Colosseum is the largest amphitheater and one of the most popular landmark in Rome. Long time ago, this place was known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, and it used to held a show such as gladiatorial combats, wild animal fights, and many more. Time has passed. Now the building itself has been damaged because of the earthquake, and the stone robbers. At this time, it’s just a ruin. But this iconic place makes me curious to see how’s the inside looks like.

The other side of Colosseum 

To go inside the Colosseum, you need a ticket which can be used to other 2 attractions around Colosseum. Those are Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. The ticket itself costs €12 pp, and free for children under 18. It’s worth it because you can use it to visit 3 places in 2 days. For buy this ticket, i would recommend you to buy it online at Coop Culture, the official website to buy Colosseum tickets. Why??? Because they always have a very long queue. Luckily i’ve bought it online at so i could avoid that queue. However, if you want to buy the ticket on the spot, you can buy the ticket at Palatine Hill. They sell the same ticket, same price, but less queue.

Going inside the Colosseum made me feels like at the gladiator movie. It looks exactly the same. Even there’s a place where they used to put the big animal inside it. I just walked for a while to see the detail of Colosseum. Apparently, summer is not a right time to visit Colosseum. Summer in Rome is really hot, even it’s hotter than in Barcelona. Colosseum itself is an outdoor place. So we didn’t explore to every corner of Colosseum. However, we saw more than enough and we (especially me) feel amazed with this place.


Wefie with Ivan while take a rest

This pose again :D
Since our ticket can be used to go to another place, we decided to go to Roman forum which located not far from Colosseum. The exit way from Colosseum has a different way with the entrance. I found out the exit way looks unique so i decided to take photos for a while before leave.

Actually Palatine Hill is very close with Colosseum. However, we didn’t have enough time to visit it. Instead, we chose to visit Roman Forum because it's located at Via dei Fori Imperiali, and we'd pass that street to reach our next destination, Trevi Fountain.

Colosseum seen from Via dei Fori Imperiali

It was 6pm but the sun still so bright and even the weather was getting hotter. We saw Roman Forum in front of our eyes, but we didn’t get in. The heat was really killing us so we just took pictures from the outside, and continue our day.

Address : Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
Website : http://www.isromantique.it/schede/eng-colosseum_3112/ (Find out more about the opening hours and closing days from this website)

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