[Europe] Gondola Ride, a Mandatory When in Venice

by - October 29, 2017

Venice, as a romantic city, they offer some attractions which you can do with your partner. One of them is gondola. Visiting Venice won’t be complete without taking a gondola ride. Even some people say, "Don't leave Venice without taking the gondola."

Gondola is a small boat, which can be fit up to 6 peoples. Gondola is a mandatory for tourist, because when you take this ride, you can feel the authenticity of Venice. Sitting down at the gondola, relaxing, and enjoy the view of this floating city when the wind blowing, what could be better??

Aurelia was very happy to take a gondola ride
For taking a gondola, it costs €80 for 30 minutes, and after 7pm it will climbs up to €100 for 40 minutes. Because at night, the ambience will be different. It's so quite, and make your gondola trip with partner more romantic. However, some gondolier will charge more for the ride. So make sure you talk about exact price and the duration before you hop in to the gondola.

Gondola Ride Price in Venice

The Gondolier Wears a Stripes T-shirt
During this 30 minutes ride, the gondolier will take you down the canal, and while you spoil you eyes with the authentic view of Venice,  you will hear his voice, singing in Italian. Perfect things to do with yor couple!

Flag with The Lion of St Mark - Venice

Spotted!! Ambulance in Venice

The gondola ride not only have 1 route. You can choose whether you want to ride it at the small canal, or at the big canal (Grand Canal) in front of Piazza San Marco.  If you want to put yourself at the Grand Canal, take a gondola at San Marco. It might be will charge more, but you’ll get a different experience.

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