Outfit for Traveling in Summer

by - October 13, 2017

Which one do you prefer on traveling? Summer or winter? Personally, i like to travel in summer. Not because the weather itself. I live in Jakarta, a tropical city. So i know exactly how bad it is to walk in outdoor places, under the scorching sun.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Well, why do i like to travel in summer? Because i can wear a fashionable clothes, change it every day, and take photos at different places with different look. Can you imagine if you travel at winter? You’ll wear the same coat everyday. No matter where’d you go, you’ll take pictures with the same look. OK, just say you’ll bring another coat as a spare, or maybe you buy a new coat. But still, you’ll still gonna take pictures when you’re wearing the same outfit. For me, it’s not a good things because in most of your photos, you’ll look the same, and it’s kinda boring!!!

Piazza Gae Aulenti
When i was in Europe, all of my outfit has been planned. Because travel to Europe is not easy for me, and we probably will not back to Europe any time soon. So i want my pictures looks great (with different outift) in every city, especially when we’re visiting the landmark.
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Via Vincenzo Capelli
Wearing different outfit everyday, doesn’t mean change all of them. I just mix and match my outfit so it won’t look same and boring. A little tips from me, bring a plain top / bottom, with natural color such as black or white. It’s gonna be easy to combine it with another outfit. Like at this picture, i’m wearing a long white denim pants from Zara. I wore this pants a lot while in Europe. Some of you will not realize it because every time i wear this pants, i always change the top. White color is really easy to be matched. I can match it with any color and any motif for the top.

Garibaldi FS station
Wearing a gorgeous outfit is important for me, but it also need to be comfortable. I don’t want to wear a wrong outfit because it’s gonna turn my mood down. Since i know the weather gonna be freakin hot in Europe (especially Italy), so i decided to bring many crop top. But my favorite is this crop top from Monki, which i bought at Granville Road in Hong Kong. With chiffon fabric, it’s really comfortable and perfect for summer.

When traveling, i prefer to use a small sling bag because it's simple and easy to brought. I got this cute sling bag from VNC. Not only because the model, i use this bag because it has a zip under the flap. It becomes a double protection for my stuff, and it's really important when you travel in Europe. For the footwear, i just wear a flat shoes which has the same color with my bag. Actually wearing flat shoes is not a good option for traveling. But this flat shoes which i bought at New Look, really comfortable and very simple. I could walk all the day without feel tired.

Crop Top : Monki
White Denim Pants : Zara
Sling Bag : VNC Indonesia
Flat shoes : New Look

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