[Europe] Porta Garibaldi, a Hidden Gems in Milan

by - October 11, 2017

Still about my trip in Milan , at this post i want to share about another interesting places in Milan beside Duomo. When we're talking about Milan, all you think must be the majestic cathedral, Duomo di Milano, and a luxury shopping place, Galerie Vittorio Emanuele II. But Milan is not only at that area. I found a hidden gems in Milan and it's also a good place to be visited. It's Porta Garibaldi, which is only 2 stops by subway line 2 from Milano Centrale. Actually, exploring Porta Garibaldi is not in my itinerary. I found out about this place when i was looking for 10 Corso Como.

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Garibaldi FS station

10 Corso Como Front Building

10 Corso Como is a popular cafe and shopping place in Milan. My purpose to this place of course for shopping :) After shopping at 10 Corso Como, we explored this local area for a while, by walking through Corso Garibaldi. I love the atmosphere here. It's so local. No tourists, no crowd, and even i also saw a ceremony at Santa Maria Incoronata church. What a lovely moment :)

The Porta Garibaldi

Santa Maria Incoronata church

Found these cool cars, brought directly from Kuwait

Via Vincenzo Capelli
When we went back to Garibaldi station, we found a modern shopping mall, Piazza Gae Aulenti. This place is so different with other European building. It doesn't have European classic style. Instead it comes with modern design, and surrounded by skyscraper buildings. To reach this place, we walked through Via Vincenzo Capelli, a shopping street at Porta Garibaldi. You can find any "unique" luxury brand here such as Moschino, Christian Louboutin, Chiara Ferragni, and many more. Walking in here, doesn't feels like in Europe. The atmosphere is really different. But, i don't know why, i like it here. Perhaps i miss a big, and modern city situation after 2 weeks in Europe. Yeah, i grown up at Jakarta, which is a capital city of Indonesia. And it made me love modern life in a big city.

There's a "huge" Sephora here

Well, it's a last day for me in Milan, and i'm so glad to found this place. It doesn't mean i don't like European buildings. But sometimes we have to be in a place that has a different atmosphere, so we will not feel bored. Especially if you have a long trip. Like the next city that we visit, it also has a different ambience with other European city. They only have canals, no road, which means you need to use boat to explore this city. Yup, it's Venice, a romantic city in Italy. Stay tune on my blog to see our adventure in this city.

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