Nerino Dieci Trattoria, Via Nerino - Milan

by - October 04, 2017

Wherever i go, i always try to find the best local food at that city. Since we're in Milan, we're looking for a delicious Italian food. This time we gonna try to have a dinner at trattoria. Trattoria is a family owned restaurant, which usually serve traditional - local food. It's less formal than ristorante, so you don't need to wear a formal clothes to dine in here. With a help from TripAdvisor, i found a famous trattoria who serve a tasty Italian food. It's Nerino Dieci Trattoria.

Nerino Dieci Trattoria is located at Via Norino, a small street next to Via Torino. We visited this place after had a wonderful day at Duomo. For having dinner, we've made a reservation before by email because this place is always full.

Like other Italian restaurant, they divide their menu into 4 parts, antipasti (appetizer), primi (first), secondi (second), and dolci (dessert). Usually, each person will order one from each menu, and it will be served in sequence. However, we're not kind of person who can eat that much. So we decided to order some recommended dishes, and asked them to serve it together so we can share it.

Complimentary bread 

Italian food is always identic with pizza and pasta. In here, we decided to order some pasta to try the authentic taste of them. As i expected, the pasta was really delicious. It's cooked perfectly al dente, the texture of pasta that i only get in Italy.

Octopus with Pesto, Olives and Cherry Tomatoes €10

Bucatini with Cheese, Pepper and Bacon €9

Black noodles with Clams and Spicy Salami €10

Spaghetti with Lobster & Sauce €15

Not just pasta, Nerino Dieci also serve the authentic Milanese food. Most people knows, Milanese food known for their saffron risotto (which is served with osso bucco) and cotoletta. Even they don't have saffron risotto on their menu, but they have cotoletta, a veal breaded cutlet. And for replace the saffron risotto, i ordered a risotto with Pecorino cheese which taste good.

Risotto with Aromatic Herbs & Pecorino Cheese €8

Veal Cutlet €14

Fresh Tuna Fish with Pistachio Crust €15

A dinner won't be complete without dessert. To make it complete, i ordered watermelon sorbet and creme brulee. The watermelon sorbet was extremely good. The freshness of the flavour make it perfect to be consumed in summer.

Creme Brulee €5

Watermelon Sorbet €4

I really recommend this restaurant to anyone who are looking for the authentic Milanese food. The food are very delicious and it also comes with reasonable price. The location which is at the city centre, make it reachable for everyone, including those who only have a short time in Milan.

Nerino Dieci Trattoria
Address : Via Nerino, 10, 20123, Milano MI, Italy
Website :
Phone : +39 02 3983 1019
Opening hours : Mon - Fri 12.30 - 14.30 (lunch) & Mon - Sat 19.30 - 23.00 (dinner)

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