Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA

by - January 18, 2015

Hey there!! Who likes to eat Japanese Curry? Well, if you do, i have a good news for you. Finally, the famous "CoCo Ichibanya" Curry House has opened in Jakarta.

I like to eat all kinds of curry, Indian, Japanese, i like every food that cooked with a lot of spices. But not for my hubby!! He never like curry especially Japanese Curry. Only at "CoCo Ichibanya" , he wants to eat Japanese Curry. First time he ate this curry at CoCo Ichibanya - Siam Paragon, Bangkok. He felt in love at the first bite. But he still doesn't want to eat Japanese Curry except at CoCo Ichibanya. So, when i told him that it opened at Grand Indonesia, we went to eat the best Japanese Curry.

The place is big enough and the interior is just simple with a bright light and wood furniture. But i like it, makes me feel comfortable and it also good for kids.

Selfie before eat ^^

This time i ordered Lighltly Crisped Chicken Curry with 150g rice portion (IDR 60k). I chose Level 1 for the spiciness of the curry. 

Lightly Crisped Chicken Curry 
The curry taste really good, and the chicken also cooked perfectly. First time I thought it was chicken katsu. But it's not. They don't use any flour to coat the chicken. The thing that i liked from this chicken is the texture, the crispy skin, but it's not dry at the inside. Perhaps because they use thigh fillets. The sauce is really tasty. But i didn't feel spicy enough at level 1. Maybe next time i'll try on level 2 / level 3.

Actually, i wanted to try the Omelette Curry. But the waitress told me that i couldn't customize the rice size at Omelette Curry. And i thought 250g of rice is too much for me. So i told my hubby to order the Omelette Curry. Because i know he really likes omelette.
Chicken Cutlet Omelette Curry (IDR 70k)
When it came, i got tempted by the omelette. I tried a little and feel amazed with that. The omelette cooked perfectly. Its texture is also very soft and not dry. It is very appropriate mixed with curry sauce

I also ordered Set A (IDR 25) which contains the beverage (i chose Iced Lemon Tea) and Mini Salad.

I never thought the food that come with package will taste good. But this salad surprisingly so delicious. I don't what dressing that they used for the salad. First time i think it just a simple mayonnaise. But when i ate that, i feel it's not mayonnaise. It's not as sour as a dressing at Caesar Salad. It has the sweet "thing" and its perfectly match with the fresh vegetables.

They also have kids menu. This is another thing that i liked from CoCo Ichibanya. They are very kids friendly. 

Children Curry (IDR 40k)
Kids menu comes with the package of rice, chicken karaage, sausages, french fries, and fresh salads. They will give "Mild" curry sauce, but you also can change it. They actually serve food with curry sauce that was poured. But the waitress told me some people said the sauce was too salty. So i asked her to separate the curry sauce. You also will get some jelly and a cup of juice  (orange / apple) at kids menu.

Overall, i like all the foods here. The price also not too expensive, worth it with the food. My daughter also like to eat here because she has her own meal. Even my hubby asked me to come back again. He never get bored with this Japanese Curry.

Curry House CoCo ICHIBANYA 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall Level 3A unit E0 01-1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat
021 - 2358 0960

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