[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 7 : Disneyland Hongkong & MCM at Central

by - January 09, 2015

August 5th, 2014

This is the day!!! Finally it's the time to go to Disneyland Hong Kong :D We're going at 9 am from our hotel. We're taking MTR to reach Disneyland and stopped at Sunny Bay station. From Sunny Bay, we took Mickey Mouse train to reach Disneyland. The train is really cute. There are several sculptures of Disney characters like Beauty and The Beast, Mickey Mouse, etc. Unfortunately i couldn't take a picture at that time. It's too crowded, although it's just 10 am. Maybe i have to go earlier next time.

Excuse my bad hair
Thr weather was extremely hot at that time. I just looking for indoor games because we couldn't stand with the hot weather. So we just watched the Golden Mickey show (very good show, don't forget to check the schedule) and Mickey Phillarmagic.

I will not write so much about what i did in Disneyland. Because i'm pretty sure you also will know what should you do at the theme park :)

This minnie mouse shaped ice cream is really delicious. The combination of mango and strawberry ice cream are perfect. 

By the way, i wore a loose T-shirt from B+Ab which i bought a day before. This T-shirt has a good color, and the material is also good for the hot summer.

It was 3.30 pm and my daughter felt tired and sleepy. So we just sat at the main street and waiting for the parade. The parade will start at 4pm. And my daughter really like to watch it.

After the parade, i still wanted to see the fireworks show. But it will be start at 8pm , and that means we still have to wait for 3 hours. My daughter wouldn't make it. So we decided to go back. But before that, we bought a waffle with Mickey Mouse face shape.

It has a cute shape, but the taste isn't good. The waffle is really dry and it's hard for me to swallow it. The sauce also not good. Not recommended.

We still had a time for this night, so my hubby and i decided to go to Central. If it's possible, we will go to Lan Kwai Fong. But before that, i want to go to the MCM store at Central, which is the biggest MCM store in Asia.
Christina Satchel by MCM
Cute MCM Bear Bag Charm
MCM store at Central 
I spent a lot of time at MCM and after that i felt so sleepy. After played and queued for a long time at Disneyland and chose the bag which fit with the bag charm, i didn't have enough power to walk again and had a night life at Lan Kwai Fong :( So we just go back to hotel, get some rest, and prepare for another shopping time tomorrow.

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