[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 5 : IFC, Central, and 1881 Heritage

by - January 04, 2015

August 3rd, 2014

Today i will do another shopping trip to Central. First stop is IFC mall. IFC is really big shopping mall. You can found a lot of luxury branded store here. But its not too crowded like at Harbour City.
If you're looking for complete Zara store, this is the right place. They have a huge store at IFC and the clothes are really complete. Although its sale season. Actually Zara is not my favorite brand. They have casual style which i don't like, and their size is too big for me. But in here, they have my size. So, if you're going to Hong Kong in July, don't forget to go to Zara at IFC mall. Its sale season, and you can get a lot in here.

I also found Diptyque store at IFC mall. Diptyque known as Paris brand for scented candles, perfumes, and face and body care. They have an unique scent on their products. I chose Eau Rose Eau de Toilette.

If you're looking for Garrett popcorn at Hong Kong, just come to IFC. Its located at Podium level 1, next to City'Super Grocery store.  I really like Garrett popcorn especially caramel flavour mixed with macadamia, almond, and cashew nuts.
Popcorn addict
My hubby told me that he wanted to go to Apple store. As i was saying, IFC mall is really big. We have to walk little bit far to reach Apple store. On my way to Apple Store, we found Godiva. I bought the chocolate ice cream and for me, this is the best chocolate ice cream i ever taste. No wonder everyone likes Godiva.

Enough with this ice cream, we're going to Apple Store. This is the biggest Apple Store i ever seen. It has 2 level. My hubby bought Iphone 5S there. After paying, there will be a people come, and he will help you to do a setting on your gadget. 

Its lunch time!! What you gonna eat when you're in IFC??? You must be answer "Tim Ho Wan", the best dim sum in Hong Kong. Actually Tim Ho Wan not located inside the IFC mall, but it's under the mall. Just follow the sign to Airport Express (Hong Kong station). That's the same way to go to Tim Ho Wan.

If you just have a short time, just take away the food. They have different queue for eat there and take away. It just take 20 minutes for take away foods. There are 2 types of menus : in Cantonese and in English. If you can't read Cantonese, just ask them for the English menu.

I just ordered Baked Bun with Barbecued Pork. I read a lot of reviews of Tim Ho Wan and they said the Baked Bun really recommended. Another dim sum's taste not really good. Otherwise, i want to go to Tsim Chai Kee. So we just take away the Baked Bun.

If you're looking for the best wonton noodle in Hong Kong, people must be said "Tsim Chai Kee". That's why I'm so curious with this wonton noodles. We're walking little bit far from IFC mall. Its about 2 pm in summer. Can you imagine the weather at that time??

Finally we arrived at Tsim Chai Kee. It located at 98 Wellington Street. And i still have to wait about 15 minutes to get a seat. I ordered a bowl of wonton noodle,  and another bowl with fish ball. They did have a large wonton with shrimp in it. But it's not as good as what people are talking about. I don't feel anything in the soup. I don't know because of the MSG / whatever they added, it just left a rough taste in my mouth. Even i couldn't finish that all.

Now, it's time to try Baked Bun from Tim Ho Wan. I think, this is the best baked bun ever. The crunchiness of the bun is very good. And the barbecued pork flavor is amazing. You can feel the sweet and savory in one bite.

After lunch, we're going to The Landmark. But before that, my hubby stopped at Abercrombie & Fitch on Pedder Street. He bought some T-shirt there. Abercrombie have a good fabric for their T-shirt. Worth it to buy. While he was shopping,  Aurelia (my daughter) and me walked around the Pedder Street. And we found the cute dog statue ^^

This picture was taken by Aurelia

The Landmark isn't a large shopping mall like IFC mall and Harbour City, but it's full of branded store such as Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.
Landmark Atrium
We didn't take a long time at The Landmark. After that, we're going to 1881 Heritage. 1881 Heritage is a shopping mall that looks like a castle. The shops here are selling expensive jewelry, watches and high fashion clothing. Beside that, they also have luxurious hotel named Hullet House.

Why did i come here? Because they always have a beautiful decoration. Maybe once a month, they will change their decoration.

For today's dinner, we're going to Tsui Wah (again!!).  Can't get enough with their Fish Balls n Fish Cakes Soup. But this time, i'm trying their "Hot Milk Tea". 

For me, the "Cold Milk Tea" is much better than this one. If you order Cold Milk Tea, they've been mixing the milk tea with sugar before serving. But, if you order "Hot Milk Tea", they only serve the plain milk tea. So you have to put the sugar by yourself. I don't like to mix the sugar by myself, because I don't know the proportion to get a taste of delicious milk tea.

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