[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 10 : Bye Hong Kong

by - January 17, 2015

August 8th, 2014

This is the last a day for our holiday. At 7 pm we checked out from Regal Airport Hotel, and walked to the HKIA. There's an indoor bridge to connect the airport from the hotel. You also can take the trolley to put your luggage from the hotel.

Hong Kong International Airport 
First, we checked in our luggage and get the boarding pass. After that we had a breakfast at Crystal Jade restaurant. I thought they have the same menu with Crystal Jade at Harbour City. But they haven't. They only have porridge, and a few kinds of dim sum and wonton noodle. They will serve the complete menu after 10 am.

We didn't have much time at HKIA. After breakfast we had to go to inside the airplane.. Bye Hong Kong :(

We used Tiger Airways for our flight back. So we needed to transit again at Changi Airport. Arrived at Changi Airport, we had lunch at the food court. I saw a long queue in front of the Bak Kut Teh and Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle. I felt curious with Tai Hwa's pork meatballs (I'm a big fan of meatballs ^^). So i ordered it for my lunch. I didn't try the noodle. Because i saw it contains offal.
Tai Hwa Meatballs Soup
I like the meatballs so much. They are firm yet springy when you chew it. And the broth also taste good. 

Finished with our lunch, we just walked around and waiting for our flight. I didn't feel bore to wait at Changi Airport. They have a lot of stores selling good stuff such as chocolate, make up, perfume, etc. Even they have Victoria's Secret store.

Victoria's Secret at Changi Airport 
So that's the end of our trip to Macau and Hong Kong. I like the situation at Macau and Hong Kong, especially when i went to local places. Just 1 thing that I didn't like from this trip : hot weather!! It ruined the plan that i have made before. Maybe next time i'll go to Hong Kong again, but not at summer.

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