[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 8 : Shopping at Causeway Bay part 2 & Mongkok

by - January 13, 2015

August 6th, 2014

This trip is almost over. This is the last day i have a full time to shopping at Causeway Bay. But, before we went to Causeway Bay, we bought the famous cookies at Jenny Bakery . At 11 am we went to Causeway Bay and the first place is Times Square. Times Square is one of the famous shopping mall in Causeway Bay area. They always have a great decoration. When i was there, its about "One Piece". So they made a huge pirate ship and put it at the entrance of the mall.

Huge pirate ship from "One Piece"
Getting fat on the 8th day, huh?
Luffy's Hat on The Clock

I didn't shop a lot at Times Square. Just bought some make up and beauty stuff (again!!)

After that, we went to Hysan Place. This mall is not as big as Times Square, but it also not a "mini" mall. I like to shopping in Hysan Place. It looks like a department store. You can find what you want easily with organized floor. If you're looking for Asian designer stores, go to the 4th and 5th floor. You'll found some stores selling stylish clothes such as Daily Dolly, Snidel, Deicy, etc.

If you're a book lover, you have to go to Eslite bookstore in Hysan Place. This bookstore has 3 levels from 8/F -10/F. I wanted to go there but it's almost 4 pm and we had to go to Mongkok. This is the last night we stayed at Guang Dong hotel. And we didn't have another time to go to Mongkok. It should be this night.

First time i stepped out from the MTR Exit,  the thing I saw was a crowd full of people passing by. It's confusing me. We're going to have a dinner, and we chose the first restaurant that we saw. I didn't know the name of that restaurant, because it's written in Cantonese. I can't read Cantonese. But they have a very tasty food. Sorry i can't share too much about our dinner in Mongkok. The crowd made me dizzy and i wasn't in the mood for take a picture.

There are 3 places that i want to go in Mongkok : Ladies Market, New Town Mall @ Argyle Centre, and Fei Jie Hong Kong Style Snack Shop. First, i went to Fei Jie because the location just few steps away from the our place. It's located at Dundas Street. I read the reviews before, and peoples said that Fei Jie has the most delicious street food in Hong Kong. I can see that from the long queue in front of the store. I also followed them to queueing.

As i know, the most delicious food that they sell are squid and pork offal. Unfortunately when my turn, the squid was sold out. And I don't like to eat offal. So i didn't have a chance to try their food :(

After that, we went to Ladies Market. On my way to Ladies Market, i passed a street full with sneakers store. This is totally heaven for sneakers lover. But i'm not. When I just arrived at Ladies Market, suddenly it's raining. Luckily we brought umbrella. But it still didn't make us enjoy our shopping time. We just bought some souvenir and then we went to New Town Mall.

It's little bit hard to found New Town Mall. It doesn't has any banner or sign in front of the building. I asked to local people about the location. Even she don't know that name. She asked me what place was that? So i explained to her it's a "small" shopping mall who sell a cheap women's stuff. Luckily she knew it. So i could found the mall.

I little bit surprised to see the inside. The stores are smaller than in Laforet. Even most of them don't have any store. They just use a table to put the stuff. The clothes are really cheap. But it's not a good quality clothes. Clothing material they use is very bad. I walked to all the floor but i couldn't get a good stuff. Wasting time!!

So we just go back to hotel. I got nothing in Mongkok. If people said Mongkok is a nice place to shopping, for me it's not.

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