[Macau - Hong Kong] Day 6 : Shopping at Causeway Bay part 1

by - January 08, 2015

August 4th, 2014

This is the day where I would shop as much in Causeway bay. Actually, today we're planning to go to Disneyland. But, it was raining in the morning. So we cancel it. I had a bad experience with a rainy day at the theme park :(

We're going out from our hotel at 10 am. The first place is Fashion Walk . I came too early so I only found a few stores that have been open.

Bally store at Fashion Walk
Actually, there are so many stores at Fashion Walk. But most of them are open at 12 pm. So, if you want to see the "real" crowd of Fashion Walk, just go in the afternoon. 

We didn't take a long time at Fashion Walk. After that, we're going to Windsor House. Its located in front of The Park Lane Hotel, not far from the Fashion Walk. If you have children, Windsor House is a place you should visit. At this place, you can found over than 20 stores who selling kids clothes, toys, books, and other stuff for babies. 

Next to the Windsor House, you can found Causeway Place. This isn't the big shopping mall who sells international brand. Its just a mini mall with boutiques that sell local, Korean and Japanese fashion, toys and cosmetics. The price is not too expensive but also not cheap. This is a good place to check out the best of local trends.  In addition to Causeway Place, there are two other mini mall that you can find in Causeway Bay: Laforet and Island Beverly Center.

Tiger Clutch Bag at Laforet 
For today's lunch, we're going to Chuen Cheung Kui. This is one of the Bib Gourmand restaurants in Hong Kong 2011 Michelin Guide. Chuen Cheung Kui opened several decades ago and offers quality traditional Hakka cuisine at affordable price. This restaurant located at 7th & 8th floor Causeway Bay Plaza 1 , 489 Hennesy Road, Causeway Bay. Actually, i'm not a big fan of Hakka food. But i'm so curious with the Salted Baked Chicken. Every people said they have the best chicken. And i loveee salty food. 

Baked Salted Chicken
People said this is the best salted chicken. For me, it's not!! It's not salty as i thought. And i don't like the texture of the chicken,  because they're using broiler chicken. In Jakarta, i always eat salted chicken that using village chicken. Its more delicious....
Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables 
But this pork belly is really amazing. I really like its flavour. I can feel the saltiness from the preserved vegetables. Everything on this food are cooked very well.

The other foods i ordered are sauteed kailan with garlic and a tofu dishes. I forget the name of that tofu  but that's really delicious. It cooked with meat and red bean. 

Enough with the yummy food, its time to continue our shopping time ^^ The next place is World Trade Center (WTC more). This Causeway Bay mall is housed on the former site of the Palace Theatre cinema. It’s located at 280 Gloucester Road, next to The Excelsior hotel. It's best known as a top spot for mid-priced youth fashion. With its 14 floors, WTC more is the right place for trendsetters, fashionistas, and style fans. One of my favorite store in WTC more is Spur. Spur is a brand for Korean handmade shoes. They have a very comfortable shoes. You also can found a large and well stocked Muji store in here.
My comfy shoes from Spur
Around that area, there's a place who sells Hong Kong street food snack named Ying Heong Yuen. But i'm not looking for the snack. Because i want to eat the best street food at Mongkok another day. Now, i'm looking for coconut sago. This a very very tasty drink i ever had beside Hui Lau Shan. 

The last stop is SOGO. SOGO is a department store from Japan. You can find anything you want in here, such as clothes, make up, food, etc. But for now, i'm not going to buy any clothes in SOGO. I'm looking for the famous wife cake from Hang Heung Cake shop, which located at the basement of SOGO. I never eat wife cake before. So this is the first time for me. In my opinion, the cake is not as good as people say. Its not sweet and the texture is too dry. When i ate that, i only can feel the plain taste of the pastry. Big disappointment for me. 

At this floor you'll found so many shops are selling cake, cookies, snack, ginseng, tea, even Godiva!! Looking at Godiva, make me want to buy the chocolate ice cream again. But i saw the other interesting beverage at Godiva. It was White Chocolate Matcha drink. They said this was limited edition. So i tried it. I'm a matcha lover ♡ The main drink itself is composed of green tea taste rather than the rich white chocolate. Drink it consists of green tea flavor than rich white chocolate. Not sweet at all, in fact it feels a little bitter. Perhaps of flavor caused by matcha.
White Chocolate Matcha 
Still at the same floor, there's another interesting food, Morozoff. They're selling cookies and another snack, most of them made from nuts and chocolate. My favorite is the feuillage. It is thin snack with a thin layer of chocolate in it, and they also mix it with a sliced of almonds, so it is very crispy.
Morozoff at SOGO Causeway Bay 

Cookies and feuillage

Before we ended this day, we had a dinner at Yoshinoya. Not like at Jakarta, they have a pork menu here. I ordered a rice package with pork belly and beef. The beef is too salty and not sweet like at Jakarta. I don't like it. But the pork belly, is really tasty. The sweetness and the saltiness from the sauce is perfect. (Sorry, i don't have the picture. Because my battery was low at that time).

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