Jenny Bakery at Tsim Sha Tsui

by - January 10, 2015

Hello everyone!! At this post, i will share with you about the famous Jenny Bakery in Hong Kong. Before i went to Hong Kong, i've been searching about this bakery. I found that the location is not far from our hotel, which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. But i couldn't find a place exactly.

First time i walked at Nathan road, i saw many people hold a board / paper written "Jenny Bakery" in front of CKE Shopping mall. Don't ask them and don't trust them!! They are selling a fake Jenny Bakery. And the price also more expensive than the real Jenny Bakery.

Finally i asked a staff at our hotel about the location of Jenny bakery. He told me that the location Is in Mirador Mansion, next to Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel. At 9 am,  i went to Mirador Mansion, and hope there would be no long queues in the morning. But i was wrong. The queue was really long although it was raining at that time.

As you can see from the picture above, they're queueing in the heavy rain only for Jenny Bakery. And it's only the half of the queue. I became more curious, how delicious cookies jenny bakery so that people are willing to queue for more than 1 hour in the pouring rain.

When you get in front of the Mirador Mansion, you will be given a queue number as a ticket to buy cookies. You will not be able to buy if you do not have the ticket. 1 ticket can only be used to purchase a maximum of 3 tins of cookies. So, if you want to buy more than 3 tins, you have to wait in line again to get the ticket.

They have 2 kinds of cookies, butter cookies and nuts cookies. And other food they sell is nougat candy. But they were sold out at that time. So i only got 1 tin of nuts cookies and the rest is butter cookies :(

So, how's the taste of this famous cookies??? It's sooo delicious. It's not too sweet, but you can feel the milky flavour from the cookies. The texture also pretty good. Not too hard, but enough for a crunchy cookies. When you're biting, you'll feel it melting in your mouth. I like the nuts cookies more than butter cookies. Actually they both have the same taste. Only if you eat nuts cookies, you can feel the crunchiness of the nuts in the middle of this yummy cookies.

Jenny Bakery ( official store ) 
1. Tsim Sha Tsui: Shop 24 Ground Floor, Mirador Mansion, 54-64 Nathan Road
2. Sheung Wan: 15 Wing Wo Street, Ground Floor

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